Gall Bladder Complications? Sorry, This Is a TMI Posting.

Updated on August 08, 2011
A.C. asks from Atlanta, GA
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I had my gall bladder removed last November, after several serious (and progressively more painful) attacks, and at first, it was quite a relief. Lots of people told me that I would have to change my eating habits, since my bile-storing organ is gone, but I don't eat meat and I don't eat a lot of fatty foods, and actually, the only problem I have had consistently is that eggs cause diarrhea, which is hard because I love eggs (and as a pesceterian, they are a main source of protein for me), but let's face it, it could be worse.

However, about six weeks ago, things changed. My GERD (which has been bad since my second pregnancy, in 2010) is suddenly very bad, and I need more than just a zantac to control it. At the same time, I started reacting to other things besides eggs, like shrimp (also high in cholesterol, I know), or sometimes things I can't even identify - raw veggies can trigger it, for example.

The problems begin immediately after eating, and occasionally, even during the meal. The diarrhea is often accompanied by painful gas and bloating and intense cramps. It can be over within half an hour or last for several hours. For the last four weeks, it has been happening almost daily. It gets worse during my period, and also if I skip a meal. Afterwards, I often feel weak, like one does after a bad bout of food poisoning, so it is absolutely interfering with my life more than just while I'm being sick.

At first I thought I was possibly sick, or had a mild case of food poisoning. But my husband and kids eat the same things I do, and they have neither caught this from me nor suffered any food poisoning themselves. I was talking to my friend, who has also had her GB removed, and she said that even though it is 8 months later, this absolutely could be GB related. My aunt, another woman who has had hers removed, said that she hasn't been able to eat normally in the 6 years since she had hers out!

So I guess I have a couple of questions. Could these problems, which began earlier but have only recently intensified, be related to having my Gall Bladder removed over 8 months ago? If so, is there anything I can do to get my system back on track? I already don't eat a lot of high-cholesterol foods, but I am not always sure what is triggering the problem (and since I don't eat meat, vegetables are really important to my diet!). Is there anything I can take to reduce these symptoms? I have never had IBS before this - can Gall Bladder surgery trigger it? Any advice you can give me is welcome! I am spending my days in pain and never knowing when I can go out after eating. Thank you!

ADDED: I do realize that I should seek the help of a doctor if this continues, but because we're on a high-deductible plan, I am reluctant to go in without having at least an idea of what the cause could be, because we can't really afford a lot of unnecessary tests to determine the problem. Thank you!

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So What Happened?

I posted this months and months ago, but I just thought I would follow up. I am now working with a gastrourologist, since we have not been able to get these symptoms under control. Thank you to everyone for telling me of your experiences and advice.

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answers from Houston on

Hi A.C.,

It has been almost 3 years since I had my gall bladder out and if I drink anything carbonated or fatty foods I have to run to the toilet. I know many people who are like this too.

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answers from Los Angeles on

The same thing happened to me after i had my gallbladder removed. My doctor said it would take a few months for my small intestine to take over my digestion, but it didn't. So at about 8 or 9 months after the surgery, and loosing a tremendous amount of weight, I had to start taking a prescribed enzyme to do the work my body wasn't. I took it almost a year before my body finally got to where it should be and i stopped taking it.

I know you're concerned about costs, but you really do need to see your doctor.
Take care and God bless❤

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answers from Joplin on

I had my gallbladder removed in 2001 i dont know if this is what your feeling but i do this,when it does come on i usually go shortly after the meal and also can start having it during. while I am going to the bathroom or even during i have really bad cramps and sometimes so bad that my neck starts getting real hot and almost feel like i have to throw up,my mom has had hers out even longer and says she still onec in a great while has this feeling and said that back when she felt like i do she actually did throw up a couple of times is this what you feel? I know I have had others tell me they are exactly like me so was just curious,also like you I feel very weak afterwards,

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answers from Dallas on

When I first had mine out I used cholestyramine, its a powder that binds with the bile to help reduce chloresterol. I have not been able to get any doctors since to prescribe it though. The doctor that I had been seeing was doing a study on it's benfits since he had similar problem after his surgery. You may try and ask your doctor about it though, it did me wonders. The only thing my doctor tells me, is she has never heard it used for that so she doesn't know what to think.

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answers from Muncie on

I had major trouble after my gallbladder was taken out including some of the symptoms you have described along with pain. I had an RN recommend Papaya enzymes(which didn't work for me) and I finally went to my Dr who after ordering two different endoscopes(down my throat) decided to try a drug that has belladonna in it. I first used one under the tongue that helped but it seemed crazy to do that every day so I switched to a pill. I took that on and off for years and then I just stopped. The only time I have any trouble now is after skipping a meal, having diet drinks that do NOT contain Splenda or having very high fat foods and usually ones with trans fats in them. Do not eat anything that has partially or fully hydrogenated anything on the label. It will take time before you can have raw veggies, your body just needs major time to adapt. Try nuts for the protein. I do not think you have IBS. The diarrhea is from not having a gallbladder.

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answers from Tulsa on

I had IBS since age 12. I had such relief after the gallbladder surgery, even from IBS. Then I started noticing within 8 weeks I had IBS worse than ever and it has been that way for 5 years.
I went on a diet of half raw vegetables and had to stop because the gas was too painful.
Miralax is recommended, but it doesn't help my IBS and makes it worse.
I also now get painful stones in my urinary tract and kidneys. I had to stop all soda, anything diet, and vit. d pills.



answers from Philadelphia on

All I can tell you is that I have had not issues for a year after my gallbladder was removed, but do take Dexilant (a type of Previcid), 60 mg every day (for the rest of my life). I have GERD too. I eat normally (although am on a vegetarian diet any way). I would go ahead and ask your doctor. Have you tried pro-biotics? By the way, we are on a high deductible plan, and (with 6 people) have meet the deductible by July, so now everything is free. Good luck!


answers from Medford on

You might ask to have a colonoscopy to see if theres anyting else going on in your intestines. You already know you have IBS, and you might have colitis too. I do, and some of your symptoms are the same as mine, and I still have my gallbladder. My sister had her GB out a few years ago and she has colitis. Some of the way she reacts to food is not the GB at fault, but the colitis. Its miserable isnt it. We take Asacol for the colitis and it helps a lot, and because Asacol gave me acid reflux at night, I dont take it late in the day, and also have a pill for acid reflux. It used to be called Kapidex, but it changed names a while back.. I think its dexilant now, but not sure. Ask the Dr about this and see if it helps.

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