Period During Pregnancy

Updated on February 05, 2018
C.L. asks from Jobstown, NJ
9 answers

Has anyone ever had a full blown period for months into your pregnancy? If so for how many months?

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answers from Chicago on A period is the egg dying. You're not having a period. At least I don't think so? What is your OB saying about this? Any bleeding during pregnancy is cause for an immediate visit to the er or your OB. Hope everything is ok.

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answers from Hartford on

Bleeding during pregnancy wouldn't be a period. There are so many possible causes, most of them harmless. Most bleeding that occurs during pregnancy turns out to be nothing and no cause is known resulting in a healthy baby, but if you haven't mentioned it to your OB then you really need to ASAP. As in, call your OB now and if you don't get a call back then go to urgent care or the ER immediately.

I've had friends that bled every month during pregnancy during the time that they would have had a period; others bled lightly throughout the entire pregnancy; others spotted here and there; others bled every time they had intercourse. But you can bleed due to uterine problems or placenta problems.

The point is you need to find out if it's a cause for concern or not. Go get checked out now. Don't wait.

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answers from Dallas on

You shed the lining of your uterus while having a period. If you have a viable pregnancy I wouldn't think that would happen. I bled for about 4 days and had to wear pads at the start of my last pregnancy but it stopped. I would see the doc asap

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answers from Seattle on

Light spotting can be okay but if it is a heavy period then I would call your OB immediately just be to be sure!

Better to call and make sure then wait and be sorry..

I hope everything is okay, keep us updated!

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answers from Pocatello on

Your body is not able to have a period when you are pregnant, although bleeding during pregnancy is not uncommon. You need to talk to your doctor about this and find out why you are experiencing bleeding. Chances are you and the baby are both perfectly healthy, but it's better to be safe than sorry so get this checked out! Good luck, I wish you a healthy pregnancy!



answers from Los Angeles on

Menstruation only happens when you're not pregnant. Bleeding during pregnancy can be implantation bleeding & its normal but other than this it can be a serious sign of an infection, placental problems or can be the cause of miscarriage. If you have noticed bleeding while you're pregnant, call your doctor even if the bleeding has stopped. Many women who bleed a little during pregnancy deliver without complications, but you may need an evaluation to rule out a serious problem.If you're actively bleeding or have severe pain of any kind and immediately reach your practitioner, they will analysis the reason for that issue and take some tests to provide the accurate results.



answers from Philadelphia on

no. you do not have a period during pregnancy. you could be bleeding for a multitude of reasons including issues with the placenta. have you discussed this with the doctor?


no. you do not have a period during pregnancy. you could be bleeding for a multitude of reasons including issues with the placenta. have you discussed this with the doctor?



answers from Pittsburgh on

I had 2 Subchorionic Hematomas during my pregnancy and often bled more than I did during a normal period. Any kind of bleeding should be check out immediately by a doctor, but in my case, there wasn't anything they could do about it. It eventually resolved about 14 weeks, and we went to term. Good luck to you.



answers from Scranton on

Make an appt. with your obgyn to get checked. It is not a period, however, bleeding throughout pregnancy happens. Sometimes it can be serious, so be communicative with your doc. Most times it is not. As with both my boys, I bled lightly in my first trimester with my first son. Then with my 2nd son, I bled almost every month and everytime I had intercourse, which we ended up giving up because it was too scary, and eventually the doc said stop to be on the safe side. And I mean full blown bleeding like with a heavy period sometimes, and other times just light spotting. It is very nerve wracking. But I have a healthy one year old and a blossoming four year old! So get checked, let the doc know whenever it happens so they keep tabs on you and the baby, and try to relax in the meantime! Easier said than done I know, but you gotta try because it's the best thing for you both :)

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