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No Maternity Insurance

R.L. asks from Dallas

Although I have insurance, I do not have maternity coverage. Wondering if anyone has been in this situation and has advice to share. Has anyone ever used/heard of t...


Maternity Insurance

T.M. asks from Dallas

I am in need of some maternity insurance. I've been checking out some discount insurance cards for maternity only, but I don't know what to use. I have private insu...


Maternity Insurance

M.Q. asks from Dallas

I have read a couple of the other womens questions with no maternity insurance, but they are a couple years old. My family has personal insurance with no maternity in...


Maternity Insurance?

A.M. asks from Houston

Hi- I am wondering if any of you ladies know of an individual healthcare policy that covers maternity insurance. I have NOT been able to find one. I worked throughout...


Maternity Insurance

K.M. asks from San Francisco

I just found out that I'm pregnant with number three (YAY). I called Blue Shield, who I was insured with until today, and found that I was not covered for any pre-nat...


"Must Haves" for Labor and Delivery

J.L. asks from Norfolk

I am trying to figure out what I absolutely need to pack to take with me to the hospital and wonder what one thing did you take with you that you just would not have ...


Pregnant - No Maternity Insurance

A.P. asks from Dallas

My husband and I have private insurance that does not cover any maternity related costs, (except for complications such as gestational diabetes or other medical condi...


Pregnant with No Maternity Insurance.

K.G. asks from Chicago

If you had a baby with no maternity insurance, how did you keep the cost down? Is it cheaper to go with a midwife? Where else can I have my baby besides a hospital? I...


My Insurance No Longer Covers Maternity!

A.J. asks from Dallas

We are ready to start working on having a 4th child. My insurance no longer covers maternity. Any ideas on how I can get affordable prenatal care and give birth witho...


No Maternity Insurance and Pregnant.

J. asks from Johnstown

Hi everyone. Well I found out the day before yesterday that I am pregnant with child #4. We have health insurance, but no maternity coverage. I saw online that there ...