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Planning a Baby Shower!

C.B. asks from Denver

I am going to be planning my baby shower! I need some advise! I will be having a small shower! I have no family here, and just a few friends! Anyone out there plan th...


Baby Shower Planning

S.S. asks from Pensacola

Hi Moms I am planning a baby shower for a great friend, I want to make it very special for her, so I would like to hear any of your great ideas to help me with the p...


Planning a Baby Shower

T.W. asks from Philadelphia

I have been asked to plan a baby shower for the 17 (I know short notice right)? Well, I have not been to one in quite some time & witht he short notice, I don't have...


How Do I Back Out of Baby Shower Plans?

T.J. asks from Norfolk

My aunt, who is now pregnant, and I were raised as sisters. She was the witness at my wedding (small wedding) and she also christened my daughter. We were very close,...


Planning a Baby Shower

C.G. asks from Oklahoma City

I am in charge of planning a baby shower and we were originally going to just have it at someones house but now the party has grown into a large group of people and i...


Advice with Baby Shower Planning

S.M. asks from Milwaukee

Hi Ladies, I am throwing a baby shower for my sister in law in early February. We're expecting over 40 guests since this is her first child, but here is where I n...


Planning a Baby Shower

S.J. asks from Charlottesville

My sister in law is due in March. My mom and I want to throw her a baby shower since her mother is unwilling to do it. My question is: what cute games, snacks, deco...


How to Plan a Baby Shower

M.P. asks from New York

Hi, I have never been to a baby shower and I don't know what really goes on in a baby shower, except food, games, and unwrapping gifts. any suggestions on the differ...


Baby Shower

A.B. asks from Sacramento

I am having my baby shower in a week and its after the baby has been born. Should I still play some of the baby shower games? Or what suggestions does anyone have for...