First Trimester

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First Trimester Screening

so i went to my first doctors appointment a few days ago and it turns out im further along than i thought i was.. i had estimated i was between 8and 9 ...


1St Trimester Massage

I usually go and get a massage once a month to help me de-stress and it helps to...

Fetal Development

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Weight Loss in First Trimester

Hey moms! I am about 8wks pregnant and have a question. When I got pregnant I was about 40lbs or so overweight. I quickly gained 8lbs which totally ...

Morning Sickness

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Morning Sickness

ALL DAY MORNING SICKNESS!!!! ARG!!! What worked for you?...


Morning Sickness

i am 17 weeks pregnant and still having morning sickness...


No Morning Sickness...

Not that I'm complaining, but I'm 7 weeks along and still no sign of morning sic...


Morning Sickness

I just found out I was pregnant again, my morning sickness is starting to kick i...


Morning Sickness

please inform me of you best tricks for dealing with morning sickness.(other tha...