Lactation Consultant

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Lactation Consultant

A.N. asks from Tampa

Can anyone recommend a lactation consultant they have used and let me know what the average cost of a consult is?


Lactation Consultant

S.R. asks from Dallas

I am trying to find a lactation consultant in this area. I asked the hospital I delivered at for a referral as well as my pediatrician and neither had anything to off...


Lactation Consultant

A.W. asks from Detroit

Can anyone recommend a good lactation consultant in the Macomb County area? I had issues breastfeeding my first child and would really like it to work with my second...


Lactation Consultant

S.C. asks from Fort Wayne

I'm really interested in become a lactation consultant. What do I need to do? I know there has to be some schooling involved. I have a BS in Education (high school En...


Lactation Consultant in Tampa/Lutz

N.K. asks from Tampa

I am looking for a good lactation consultant. Would be very thankful to hear from those who have had a good experience with one. Thank you.


Looking for Lactation Consultant

L. asks from Minneapolis

I just moved here from California and am looking for a great lactation consultant. I'm expecting my third child in April and struggled initially to breastfeed the fi...


Looking for Lactation Consultant

J.H. asks from Boston

I was hoping someone had a recommendation for a lactation consultant that will make house calls. I am having a lot of trouble, especially when I am actually in my own...


Seeking Lactation Consultant

T.V. asks from Dallas

I am having issues with my 6 day old wanting to breastfeed. I am looking for a lactation consultant to help me out. Any suggestions? I would like for someone to meet ...


Looking for a Lactation Consultant in the Westvalley

A.K. asks from Phoenix

Hi all. When my son was born we had a horrible experience with a lactation consultant so I didn't really get the help I needed and pumped exclusively for 8 months. ...


Becoming a Lactation Consultant from the Beginning

C.R. asks from Chicago

I was just wondering if anyone could tell me what the process would be to become a lactation consultant. I have very little college and to be honest I haven't really...