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Updated on September 14, 2011
M.B. asks from Phoenix, AZ
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I have a question about my possible pregnancy. There is a good chance that my hubby and I conceived this past Saturday, Sept 10 based on it being a high fertile day for me. It has been only four days, but I feel slightly different and have some mild cramps along with some occasional discharge. I know I am probably not pregnant yet, or possibley could be. I am wondering if the cramps are a possible sign of implantation taking place or not. The first time I got pregnant, it was a complete surprise so I didnt pay attention to the early pregnancy signs. I just missed my period. But now that I am trying to get pregnant, I am wondering how fast some of these signs start to occur. I have read that implantation can take place anywhere from 2-12 days. I guess my question is have any of you any sort of symptoms within a few days of conception? And if so, what where they?

Thank you so much.

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answers from Phoenix on

KE below answered exactly as I would. Wasn't trying with my first two, but had a feeling literally the next day and was right!

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answers from Denver on

are you sure what you werent feeling was ovulation? I know there is this thing called middleschmertz (sp) that you can feel the release of the egg creating a cramping sensation and you are also supposed to have more discharge (or egg white like discharge) when you are ovulating or fertile. I knew with both of mine about a week before I was supposed to start my cycle but still waited to take the test and each time I did it was an automatic positive. If the cramping and discharge is going on today I'd jump on the lucky guy just for double coverage :)

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answers from Jacksonville on

Knew I was pregnant within days of conception every time.....Just a feeling I got as well as noticing some changes in my breasts and heartburn....NEVER have heartburn otherwise. People thought I was crazy because they said there was no way I could tell that soon, but I could and I was right every time....just had to wait to test to prove it! :)

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answers from Pittsburgh on

It is unlikely that you would be 'pregnant' yet... you may have an egg that is currently fertilized, but it is unlikely that the egg has implanted yet. Highly unlikely that you would have any symptoms of pregnancy yet, as your body doesn't even know it's pregnant yet, because is all likelihood, you are very early in the process. That's not to say that it's not in the process, you could very well be on your way to being pregnant in the next week or so... but I know from personal experience, and from much reading on the subject, when we are hoping to be pregnant, we are hypersensitive to everything going on in our body, and we tend to presume that every little symptom is one of pregnancy, even with that is highly unlikely.

I am with Sarah K., however, in that you may be feeling the effects of ovulation, in which case, I'd take her advice and go for a little ride ;) just to up your chances, just in case this is, in fact, your ovulation time... I say this from personal experience... I am currently 19 weeks pregnant... got pregnant the month before our wedding. We swore we would NOT get pregnant that month. We wanted to wait for me to be able to be on my husband's aflac plan for maternity issues... I had been tracking my fertile periods for months, and we abstained for like 9 whole days around that time to prevent getting pregnant in our last month before I'd be covered... lo and behold, I got pregnant that month. Turns out, I ovulated later than I should have, and my body totally fooled me. Soooo, it could definitely be that you are just experiencing ovulation, albeit later than you thought... so I'd go for that ride, just for extra insurance!

Good luck and best wishes!!!

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answers from Kansas City on

Are you using an ovulation predictor? I agree with S. K, it sounds like maybe ovulation. I could always tell when I was about to ovulate because I would get really crampy for about 2 days. Your discharge also is supposed to increase around ovulation.

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answers from New York on

IMO it's way to early to know. I did not nor have I ever known anyone that experienced symptoms so early. I'm sure it's possible, but it's probably just wishful thinking.

You'll know for sure in a few weeks.


answers from Houston on

You will know for sure in a week or two.



answers from Philadelphia on

A week before my period was even due I knew I was pregnant because I was craving tuna fish. Only ever craved tuna when I was pregnant. My husband thought i was crazy:0) Anything is possible.

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