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Updated on February 05, 2018
P.R. asks from Albert Lea, MN
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I am sorry i have a daughter of 4 and half years old and this was a normal delivery. After a delivery we dont want the other child till my first daughter goes for 5 years. So i have copper T which is called has multi load, which will stop me for pregnant, Know we want another kid. I have put on my weight too, and if i become pregnant whether it will be normal or c i want to know.

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answers from Tampa on

If you absolutely want a normal vaginal birth - you have higher chances of achieving that end if you go to a Midwife, preferably at a stand along Birthing Center that is not OB or Hospital affiliated.

If you want invasive drugs or a cesarean - OB is the way to go.

In America - if you go to an OB, you have a 1 out of 3 (30-36%) chances of a cesarean. If you go to a Midwife, the chances go down to UNDER 5-8%.

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answers from San Francisco on


I am sorry, but I don't understand what you are asking--your post is confusing. It sounds like you have a daughter that was born in march of 2007 and it was a normal birth. You want to get pregnant in september or are you having the baby in sept??? Why would you have to have a c-section if you had a normal birth? Your last sentence---I have no idea what you are asking--what is multi-load?

If you help me out with the questions I asked, I can help you by answering you honestly and with more information. GL!


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answers from Washington DC on

What are you apologizing for?

You and your husband have made decisions that works for your family. You now ready to have another child. Have the IUD removed and start trying to get pregnant again - I don't know how long it will take to get pregnant...I don't see any reason if you have a typical vaginal birth with your daughter why you can't have a normal vaginal birth again..

Talk to your OB/GYN regarding your concerns....it seems like you were told that an IUD will prevent you from having a vaginal delivery again? Or am I reading too much into this?


answers from Chicago on

I don't see any reason why it wouldn't be able to be a normal delivery. Just have the IUD removed when you're ready and you should be good to go.


answers from Columbus on

It sounds like all you need to do is have the IUD removed when you decide to conceive again. I conceived within 3 months of having mine removed.

PLease do not buy into the idea that is you have an OB you WILL have a C-Section. I had 4 vaginal births, 2 delivered by OBs and 2 delivered by midwives (who worked at the OBs office). I am not saying one is better than the other (although I did think the midwives had better bedside manner than my first OB,) just that there is NO hard and fast rule about OB=C-section/drugs and Midwife=perfect happy birth that you want. IMHO, your body has a lot more to do with how labor goes than with the professional you choose to assist you during labor.



answers from Kansas City on

You shouldn't have a c-section b/c of gained weight, that's for sure. You had a normal delivery the first time so I think your chances are pretty good for having another. You will have to go to your doctor and have it removed. It will probably cost something on top of the co-pay so if you're worried about the cost call the office in advance and ask how much it will cost to have it removed and how much your insurance will pay. They will gladly look it up and talk to your insurance company for you.



answers from Los Angeles on

If you had the normal delivery for the first time then this time you have good chances of having another delivery. I don't think there is any reason you can't have a normal delivery again. So don't get afraid. It's will really grateful if you have the normal birth. Don't think about others things that disappointed you. Just think about those things that makes you happy.Go for medical tests to confirm the pregnancy. Take care of yourself properly. Everything will be fine.



answers from San Francisco on

If your first delivery was normal, and everything has been fine with this current pregnancy, then there's no reason to believe that you'll need a cesarean. Although, there's always a chance a cesarean will be necessary. Are you receiving prenatal care? Your doctor will guide you.


answers from Hartford on

When you want another child, just go to your OB to have the IUD removed. You should be able to get pregnant typically after that.

Don't believe anyone who says that if you have an obstetrician/gynecologist that you'll have to have a cesarean section. That's a load of pucky. Most OB's try to avoid c-sections if at all possible and do them for medication reasons only. The scare tactics used to try to sway people not to trust doctors are unfair and twisted with an agenda.

If you choose an obstetrician, you can feel safe about it. You can also choose to have a midwife at the same time.

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