When Are You Supposed to Feel the Baby Move?

Updated on January 17, 2012
L.W. asks from Oneonta, AL
7 answers

I'm almost 14 weeks, and I think I've already felt baby move. Just the fluttery feeling...is this normal? Or am I feeling something else?

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So What Happened?

Thanks guys! Sorry If I'm driving u guys crazy with simple questions, but because of the "politics" surrounding medicaid...I haven't been able to go to the dr yet...my first appt is the 21st...so bear with me..lol

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answers from Tulsa on

Yes, it's normal. :) Generally with subsequent pregnancies you feel those flutters earlier since you are familiar with what it fees like.



answers from Oklahoma City on

you are feeling the baby move you will really feel the baby move when you get 16wks



answers from Little Rock on

I am 17 weeks with my 2nd child. I started feeling this one way early, around 10 weeks. Feeling the baby around 14 weeks is normal. You will have flutters to start then you will get some thuds here and there. In about 2 more weeks you will feel something like the baby doing a cartwheel in there - it is the baby rolling over - is kinda cool :) Unfortunately, this early on only you can really feel all of this so you can't share it with anyone else yet.

I think since you already had a baby you were already more attuned to what it feels like when baby moves so you pick up on it sooner.



answers from Wausau on

If it's your first you take a while I felt my first when I was 21 weeks and with my second at 16 weeks



answers from Jackson on

I'd suggest this book I read it with all three of my babies.
What to expect when your expecting
It tells u what u can expect at each month and what the dr will do at each visits..its a really good book.also I cant think of the website but it emails u with day by day or week by week cant remember but its like the book shows u as the baby grows and what to expect ..maybe someone knows the site I'm talking about.good luck!



answers from Oklahoma City on

you are normal. How exciting. congrats:^)



answers from Jonesboro on

yes!!!!! isn't that sooooo exciting?!?!?!?!?!? I felt my son move at 14 weeks, so yeah, your normal. Being pregnant is soo awseome, and I loved feeling him when he was that "young", b/c it was between me and him, and until I got bigger I didn't have to share with anyone yet....it was very special to me...

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