Need Some Advice to Deal with Pregnancy Health Issues

Updated on December 01, 2009
S.K. asks from Chicago, IL
20 answers

I really need to vent out. It's about some health issues in first trimester.I am now 11 weeks pregnant and a lot of things have happened since I found out I am pregnant. Nothing serious or complicated but since this is my first pregnancy , everything is new to me and I feel I have already been having too many problems and I have 6 more months to go.

I had UTI(no symptoms) which was diagonised at my first appt.I took antibiotics for that and ended up having some mild burning while urination.I was asked to take yeast medication for 7 days. I did that too and still was not perfectly alright.Went to the doctor today and they say I don't have UTI or YI now but I have bacterial vaginitis caused because of the antibiotics I took for UTI. I am now asked to take medication to treat that. I understand I should take these tablets and it won't harm the baby , but I feel very bad that I am taking them as I really wanted to avoid taking any medications at all during pregnancy.

Also , all these infections are new to me so I am kind of stressed out.I find myself worrying about even minor symptoms. I have access to lot of information on the internet/books which sometimes gets me more worried. I have now started to beleive that too much information about anything is not always good.

I was also told that the mild pain I have once in a while in my genital area is round ligament pain(another new thing for me) and the doc told me it can only gets worse :( I am also kind of constipated and my stomach hurts.I knew pregnancy is not a piece of cake but I was expecting to have such pains and problems maybe towards the end of the pregnancy.I guess I was mentally not prepared for all this so early on.Also the nausea and tiredness doesn't help much.

My husband is such a strength to me.He listens to all the doubts that I have and tells me not to stress over little things.I try but can't help worrying about what's gonna happen to the baby if I have all these problems all through my pregnancy.Nothing maybe major and all these are said to be very common in pregnancy but having them one after the other and so early really bothers me.I am very happy about this pregnancy. We are really looking forward to be parents now.But I feel I am not enjoying it the way I should because I am always worried about something or the other.Also I find that my mood is down sometimes without any reason.Maybe it's the gloomy weather , I don't know.I know I should think positively now. I am very happy and excited sometimes and sometimes I am very sad and moody.

I want to ask if anybody else felt this way.Maybe your reasons were different but how did you deal with the constant stress and worrying? The thoughts about what if something goes wrong? Is it ok to take so many medicines in first trimester or during pregnancy. I know I don't have any option but want to know if it's ok. I still have to take flu shots - both seasonal and H1N1 - and that worries me too. I talked to my mom but she didn't experience all these symptoms during her pregnancies. I stay in a different country so don't want to tell her about all my tensions because she will start worrying for me too.

I don't know what advice I am looking for here exactly but I guess I need help to deal with all the stress as I don't think I am dealing with my pregnancy with the right attitude. How do I enjoy my pregnancy with all these health issues? I feel that since I have already been having so many problems I will have more in the as my pregnancy progresses.I want the baby to be healthy and happy.

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answers from Madison on

Find yourself an Integration Doctor or a Naturopathic Doctor who also specializes in pregnancy/maternal care. You are having some major issues that sound like you could have some severe nutrient deficiencies--ones that your baby is making worse, since your baby is "living" off your body at the moment.

Your conventional/allopathic doctor does not know about nutrition and will not necessarily tell you to go see a doctor who does. In fact, all your allopathic doctor knows how to do is to keep giving you drugs/medicine. You are right; you want to take as few drugs as possible while pregnant; preferably none.

Also, DO NOT get the seasonal flu or the H1N1 flu vaccines. Your body IS TOO DEPLETED to effectively handle these at the moment. When I was pregnant, I had high blood pressure (HBP), so I was a high-risk case. Other than my HBP medication, my OB/GYN DID NOT allow M. to take any other types of medication, nor would she allow M. to have the seasonal flu vaccine. Please visit and (I think; it might be .com) and read their very well-written and well-researched articles on H1N1 and especially, why pregnant women SHOULD NOT be getting any flu vaccines (either seasonal or H1N1) this winter.

I had my daughter over 9 years ago; after I had her, my health started going downhill. In 2008, I became really sick. My allopathic doctor couldn't figure out what was wrong with M. and kicked M. out of the clinic (he'd been my doctor for 10 years). My new allopathic doctor didn't have a clue. I started going to see a naturopathic and an Integration doctor on my own. Turns out I have a genetic mutation that doesn't allow my body to detoxify (prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs, pesticides, chemicals, you name it) or my body to metabolize correctly. I also was found to have severe heavy metal toxicity. I also tested positive for casein (cow milk/daily) allergy, with severe intolerances to soy and gliadin (gluten-like protein in wheat, rye, barley, oats). Further nutrient testing revealed I had intolerances to another 20 different foods and that I had severe malabsorption problems.

Testing done in Oct 2009 shows that I am deficient in L-Caritine, N-acetyl cysteine, antioxidants, magnesium, Co-enzyme Q10, mitochondrial distress, I am on the verge of adrenal collapse, my body's dehydrated (not sure why that is; I drink enough liquids), and I am starting to have free radical cell damage. All of these problems are due to the fact that my "allopathic" doctors throughout my lifetime never discovered/uncovered any of these issues; if they would have been discovered when I was younger, they could have been reversed by simple dietary changes.

And, if I had known about these problems before I had my child, I could have had help in rebuilding my body so that my daughter didn't compromise my body/health as much as she did while I was carrying her.

The best advice I can offer you is, please, go see an alternative doctor and find out what it is (nutrients, etc.) that your body is depleted in and start making your body healthy. Your body is obviously sorely lacking something that you are getting as sick as you are as early as you are in your pregnancy. I didn't become sick until after I had my daughter, probably because my body had enough reserves that it could get M. through the pregnancy. Once she was born, though, my body commenced to "fall apart"--besides my high blood pressure, I also have/had asthma, allergies, Seasonal Affective Disorder, arthritis, sinunitis, yeast infections, female problems, anxiety, joint aches and pains, catching colds continuously, etc., etc.

I am only 41 years old. I have been on my journey to discover what's wrong with my body/health and to repair my body/health for two years now. If your pregnancy/your unborn child is robbing your body of so much that you're already this sick at the beginning of your pregnancy--you're going to be even more depleted once your baby's born and will need you 24/7 to take care of him or her. You don't want to be completely fatigued and unable to care for your baby, right? Please, go see someone who can help you get your body metabolism back in the proper working order.

I am working on strengthening my body through supplements, nutrient supplements, eating 7-9 servings of veges/fruit/day, drinking 2-5 cups of Japanese Mantcha green tea/day, getting plenty of sleep, and cutting out all the foods I am allergic/intolerant to. I'm also drinking plenty of purified drinking water every day. And, I am currently seeing a naturopathic doctor, who is helping M. find my nutrient deficiencies and we are addressing them through nutrient supplements and dietary changes. It's a lifestyle change, but it'll be so much easier making it now, before your baby is born. And it will benefit your baby, who will be born healthier and stronger and not sickly, like my daughter was (that's a WHOLE another story, very long, very sad).

If you'd like to talk more, please contact M.. I've been in your spot and am available to talk, if you're interested. I also have some books that I have found very interesting to read concerning alternative medicine and just the medicine field in general. Also, look at Dr. Mercola's website and also Mike Adam's natural health website( will be amazed at the wonderful articles you'll find there.

God bless you. This should be the happiest time of your life; it's not any fun when you're sick and fatigued and run down. And it doesn't need to be that way. There's help, but you'll have to reach out to it. The alternative medicine field won't come to you, and your allopathic doctor will not send you to them.

Good luck.



answers from Minneapolis on

I was on birthcontrol pills and high blood pressure medicine for 2mos.before I even figured out I was pregnant. Total surprise on the pregnancy. The blood pressure meds said right on the bottle can cause birth defects donot take while pregnant. I was worried that and everything else. I had a highrisk pregnancy, gest.diabetes, severe preeclampsia and delivered 6weeks early. What got M. through it was trusting God. I'm not all that religious but I said it's in God's hands. I can only do so much the rest is in God's hands.

Relax I'm sure everything is fine. Hormones and pregnancies really throw things into whack. I had a UTI too my one and only during my first pregnancy and I've never had one since. When your pregnant your body is just whacko.



answers from Los Angeles on


I can so relate to your worries and concerns. Being pregnant for the first time can be such a roalercoaster ride :) A lot of it is due to the big hormonal changes your body is going through and there is nothing you can do other then try to get some good (I like holistic) books on pregnancy. Sometimes the internet is not a good source of information as it can be very extreme. I find it much better to relay on books. I wouldn't recommend the "What to expecting..." book because it really just gives you all the information about what could possibly go wrong. There is a good German book that is translated I believe. The author is Ingeborg Stadelmann, a very experienced midwife. She gives a lot of information on natural, safe remedies for all three trimester of the pregnancy. Most important she writes in a very relaxed and reassuring tone and encourages the Moms-to-be to listen to their gut. That always works best when calm and not stressed with anxiety. You will find your attitude as the pregnancy progresses. As some other mother wrote you are at the end of the first trimester and it really does get so much better in the second one when your body is more used to the hormones. I also find it helpful to do some exercise, any kind (walking, swimming, riding your bike,prenatal aqua fitness, yoga...). I personally like anything in water or the prenatal yoga. It is nice to meet other pregnant women and find out that they most likely feel just like you :) All the best and congratulations to your pregnancy!!!


answers from Minneapolis on

If you are taking antibiotics, to avoid a yeast infection, start taking acidophilus probiotics. antibiotics leave bad bacteria in your system so taking probiotics attacks the bad bacteria and replaces it with good bacteria.



answers from Minneapolis on

I would try not to stress to much. mabye having all this happen in the begining means the rest of the pregnancy will go good. I to have the ligament pain in my pubic area and had to go to a physical therapist a couple times to learn some exercises i need to do to help or it will get worse. This is my second pregnancy so with a 2 year old i dont have time to slow down much. The exercises help a lot and im sure the medicine they are giving you is fine to. I had a kidney infection with my first pregnancy and had to take antibiotics. I know its tough but you are almost through the first trimester and the second is usually pretty good. You should be starting to feel better soon and get more energy back and that will help to. Just rest when you can drink water and cranberry juice, take your vitamins and try not to worry to much. It wont last forever and before you know it you will have your baby and all this will be worth it. Good luck and congratulations on your first baby!!!



answers from Milwaukee on

You sound exactly like I did with my first pregnancy. Let M. tell you, i am glad that I am done having kids because pregnancy was so hard for M.! Round ligament pain is something to be expected during pregnancy that NO ONE warns you about, but really should. Round ligament pain is painful and annoying and is probably there to stay until you have the baby. And just to prepare you, that ligament pain can go all the way up your sides and even sometimes the front of your belly. Just keep telling yourself that all the pains you feel is your body stretching to make make room for the baby and your growing uterus. If you really think about it, your body is going to STRETCH a LOT, and it can't really get that big without it being painful. Always remember pain = stretchning. You could be constipated for a long time. Take Miralax. It doesn't even pass through the baby's system and is the safest, easiest, and most effective medication for constipation during pregnancy. As far as the Flu shots, get them!!! The benefit outways the risk and women have been getting the flu shot during pregnancy forever. There's nothing to worry about. As far as worrying about your pregnancy and not being able to enjoy it, you can either really make the effort to change your thinking, or you can accept the fact that you are a worrier and there's not much you can do about it! You should buy, if you haven't already, the book called What To Expect When You're Expecting. Jenny McCarthy's book Belly Laughs is fabulous for first time pregnancies also. After I read her book, I felt completely normal!!! Good luck!



answers from Rapid City on

Dear SK-
First off Happy Thanksgiving! When I was pregnant with my first son, I had a lot of worries also. My husband was in the Marines for 6 years and he was exposed to a lot of different things and they gave him every kind of shot under the sun. We really weren't sure what that would all do to the baby, in fact my husband was the one who was having the nightmares. With the stress of the unknown I would go for long walks, do some yoga, and took some warm baths to relax. I had morning sickness when I was pregnant also. In fact the first trimester I lost weight and my doctors nurse asked M. if I was eating and/or dieting. I told her that I had a hard time keeping some things down. To make matters worse, in my second trimester I got the Flu really bad and was running a fever. My doctor told M. that your body will protect the baby first and that I just had to keep trying to keep some fluids down. Now I have two healthy and active 9.5 and 7.5 year old boys. Ask your doctor if there is some foods that are causing you to be sick or is there a certain vitamin in your prenatal vitamin that is causing it. I know I didn't give you too much advice but I know that it can be frustrating. But just think about the prize at the end. I wish you the best of luck. N.



answers from St. Cloud on

Pregnancy is hard but SO much fun once you start feeling the baby kick!

My best piece of advice: GO TO A CHIROPRACTOR!!! There may be natural ways to cure some of the things going on with you. I also didn't want to take ANY medications while pregnant. The chiropractor was able to help M. with aches and pains and everything that comes with pregnancy.

And just start reading! I spent my whole pregnancy with our daughter reading up on vaccines because it is SOOOO confusing! There is so much info for both sides. My advice to you is to read some for, against, and nuetral. The doctor can give you plenty of info for. Some other websites to get different sides are:
I also checked out every book the library had on the issue! "A Shot in the Dark" was a good read. There was one book that was completely nuetral and just gave info, not opinoins. I just can't remember what it was called......

And make sure to read some books that are FUN! "Full House" by Karen Anderson (and someone else) is a GREAT, LAUGH OUT LOUD Funny read!

I've heard that pregnancy massages are great. I've never had one but maybe you should try that too.

I think most women are concerned during their pregnancy. You just don't have any guarentees and that's hard to wait 9 months to get to hold your baby. Just take deep breaths, listen to music, and go for walks.




answers from Minneapolis on

I think we all have some idea that we are going to be a "glowing" pregnant woman and that it is all going to be fun and games. The truth is what you've found. It is different for every woman, BUT there are a lot of us out there who seem to get everything and struggle some with pregnancies. That doesn't make you a weak woman, if anything stronger.

Your symptoms are very normal for a LOT of women, especially in the first trimester. I've heard specialists even say that the first trimester is when you work the hardest to make the pregnancy viable and the toughest!

Usually, the 2nd trimester is much easier (with the occasional bump) and the 3rd trimester has its own symptoms (sore back, restless sleep, difficulty in breathing...and eating, etc.). The best part of the 3rd trimester is that you are really showing and people notice and you get to feel that sweet baby move inside of you (truly amazing!) and the count down seems too close at times.

The first pregnancy will seem like the longest pregnancy ever. You don't have other littles to distract you and keep you going. Take advantage of getting extra rest, exercising, and eating what you want when you want.

To help distract yourself and make the pregnancy a little more fun, start preparing. Design the nursery (don't plan on doing any of the work until later when you more energy), register (or start a list), look at baby names, etc. What I did was create a calendar scrapbook where I journaled my daily life as well as all pregnancy related information. Although you think you want to forget your symptoms now, record them and when they are happening. You may want to reference this during the next pregnancy or for your possible future daughter(s).

Keep talking about your symptoms and your concerns to LIKE MINDED moms. Don't get engrossed in horror stories or the internet scenarios. Your hormones are playing a huge role in all of this and sometimes it helps to just dismiss it when you know why it is happening. I hope this helps! I've been there, done that! The second pregnancy is much easier in a lot of ways! I wish you the best and CONGRATULATIONS!!!!



answers from Minneapolis on

Pregnancy can be hard on your body. For most women the second trimester is a lot easier, and you will likely regain some energy. As far as the worrying goes, get used to it. You now have another little being that you will worry about until the day you die. It is a good thing to love someone so much that you are always thinking about them. That said, try to relax and enjoy the ride. When the baby kicks for the first time you will probably cry because it is the neatest feeling in the world to know you have a little life growing inside of you. Good luck.



answers from Omaha on

I'm pregnant with my 5th baby and all I can say is that the body goes through much transformation when it's pregnant. I always feel like my body has taken over and I can't control much. You sound hormonal too. This comes with being pregnant as well.

My advice is to buy a good book about the months and stages of pregnancy and focus on the wonderful developing baby inside of you. I hate to tell you this but as your body transforms to carry this beautiful baby inside, you will feel many discomforts! However, you will also feel something so wonderful that you will say all the discomforts were worth it! After you deliver this baby and you fall head over heals in love with him or her, you won't even remember all these little aches and pains.

I don't mean to belittle what you're feeling, but maybe the lesson here is that you can't control everything and try to just enjoy the process. This has certainly been my lesson.

Congratulations and I wish you well!



answers from Duluth on

Hi! I am on baby number three right now and the ONLY time I get bladder infections or UTI infections are when I'm pregnant! It's frustrating. With my first I worried about them, second I just dealt with it and this one (I'm 14 weeks and have already had two), I know that the medication is better than the infection. I also have had the seasonal and H1N1 vaccines (about a month ago) and NOTHING changed. I have horrible, horrible morning sickness (I'm on two different meds for that and I still puke) but yeah, I worry about stuff a lot! And it doesn't get easier with each pregnancy like some people say! You're growing a little human, you're going to worry! I guess my advice on that is just to relax, lay in bed and light some candles, go for a walk, stuff like that. Good luck, and feel free to write if you want to online chat. Oh, and the stomach pains are just your muscles stretching...or gas! :)



answers from Rochester on

I remember feeling like that too at the beginning and at a few other points of my pregnancy with my son. Its kind of stressful at times while you watch this event take over your body, your life and the majority of your thoughts. Its overwhemling at times! I was very happy and excited through it all too.

I don't know if this will help with the vaginitis (I have heard this is somewhat common)but I had a few yeast infections due to antibiotics during my pregnancy too. It sucked but I -had- to take the antibiotics or have my sinuses wreak havoc on M. because I have so many sinus issues. Several friends with more experience in this department shoved some yogurt at M. and said it would help with the yeast infection situation. So I ate yogurt probably twice a day for most of my pregnancy and only had one other infection and that was very mild (again, antibiotics!). You can also keep cranberry juice on hand to help with the UTI situation.

I remember the round ligament pain. It sucked! Some ladies I knew on another message board labeled it "evil crotch pain" and oh man is that true. The pain won't always be "down there" though. You have that now, it'll move to your stomach muscles as those separate. Late in your pregnancy it'll hit your belly button too. Try investing in a support sleeve or belt early on and see if that takes some pressure off of the ligament pain for later on. It will also help with the back pain since it will help support your stomach as it gets larger. Only thing I know to tell you about the constipation is to really really get going on drinking water and eat fiber. Some light exercise might help get things moving too, just nothing that puts any strain on your abdominal muscles of course.

Sometimes its hard to stay in the positive! You're not alone in it but if it really bothers you maybe mention it to your doctor. They might be able to suggest something to you. This board is good too, but you might also like the webmd pregnancy boards. Its not all questions, very much a conversational type of thing sometimes. Might just help you touch base with even more women in your shoes.



answers from Minneapolis on

Pregnancy is not fun. I have have had different complications with each pregnancy that land M. on bed rest and led to 2 inductions, but it's still worth it.
Exercise helps a lot with the aches and pains, and goes a long way in improving your overall attitude. You may not be able to do much, but even going for a short walk will lift your spirits a bit.
Try not to look up things online. It doesn't help. Instead, learn about how your baby is developing. Think positive thoughts and don't read about the million things that might possibly go wrong.
The nausea will go away, your joints and ligaments will loosen up. Drinking lots of water and eating lots of fiber will help with the constipation.
Talk to your doctor about medications as each need arises, but Tylenol products are usually safe- even Tylenol PM which can be a lifesaver on those sore, sleepless nights.
Just be good to yourself and trust that everything will work out.



answers from Minneapolis on

Just know that you are extremely normal to have anxiety about your unborn baby. As far as the "medical" stuff. Try probiotics. It helps get the good bacteria back in you that the antibiotics depleted. And it helps with constipation-alot. Take some good Vitamin D supplements and skip the flu and H1N1 shot. Try some yoga for the body aches. Look into some prenatal yoga where you can find some other women with the same worries and the same body limitations. The Yoga Center has a wonderful instructor-Tanya.

I hope this will help. Congratualtions!



answers from Omaha on

Your hormones during pregnancy can really go out of whack and cause you to be anquish about every little thing that happens. UTI are not uncommon and your Dr wouldn't have prescribed something that was going to effect your baby.

Relax, the 2nd tri-semester should go better as your body gets used to being pregnant. Common aches and pains are also very common. I would suggest some sort of meditation and excerise to help stretch the muscles.

Dont' feel like you are alone in your situation but I honestly would take a deep breath and relax. Do things that will keep your mind off the pregnancy. Everything sounds normal..



answers from Minneapolis on

SK -

I understand where you are coming from I was not completely mentally ready either. The antibiotics will not hurt the baby at all, there is a very strong bubble protecting the baby from any infections as well. The ligiment is true it does get worse but as long as you are moving cautiously and not making sudden movements it shouldn't be too bad. When I was pregnant with our daughter I did have more constipation than with our son and what seemed to work well for M. was to make sure I was drinking a lot of water, increase my fiber and I would eat 2 or 3 prunes per day. If needed I would take a stool softener, this also will not hurt the baby. The first trimester is the hardest in my opinion. You will be very moody and for no apparent reason and you will be very tired. Keep your chin up, you are doing great. Your second trimester is better and then late 2nd and into the 3rd is when you will really start to bond with the baby because you will feel movements and trust M., there is nothing like it and in my opinion it is the best! As for the nausea, try eating some plain animal crackers, that is what helped M.. Good luck and enjoy.



answers from Appleton on

Hello - I first want to say that I can sympathize. Being pregnant is a big change both physically and emotionally. But you need to know you are not alone. As far as the UTI and Vaginitis....been there, done that. I wouldn't worry too much about it - both are relatively minor and should clear up fairly quickly. The "morning" sickness - done that too, only mine lasted 6 months and was all day. But most people's clears up once they're around 12 weeks or so. I do understand the worry about taking medications during pregnancy - it is scary, but trust your doctor. They are not going to give you anything that will harm your baby. Just remember - mom has to be healthy for baby to be healthy. In terms of round ligament pain...I'm sure it's different for each person, but yes, you are going to feel it for awhile. I wish I could say something to put your mind at ease, but just stop worrying I guess. Not to freak you out, but if the ligament pain is too much to handle, you've got a LONG road ahead. Your body will do things you never knew possible, you just need to trust yourself and you will be FINE. If you do get too upset and or depressed, this is something you should talk to your doctor about. Having emotional mood swings is one thing, but constant worry and fear is another. Please just know that everything will be fine. What you're experiencing in terms of symptoms is very normal. Lean on your support system and continue to tell your husband how you're feeling. Just getting it out can make a big difference! Don't be afraid to use this support system of other mamas when you have questions come up again. I know you'll be okay and will be so happy you went through all of this when that little baby comes!
Good luck!
P.S. I would recommend you get the H1N1 vaccine - my children and I all got H1N1 earlier this year and it is NOT something I would want to put my fetus through. It is completely draining on your body and would be very scary to be pregnant while having it!



answers from Minneapolis on




answers from Minneapolis on

I have twins which although very common now is still considered very high risk by the doctors and they really freak you out re: all that can go wrong. I decided that women have been doing this for 1,000's upon 1,000's upon 1,000's of years and that it is a part of nature and that nature will take its course. There was no reason for M. to get all worked up (DO NOT sign up for that stupid e-mail that tells you everything that is going on 'this week' - talk about crazy arriving in your inbox every morning!).

We have WAY too much information in this day and age and it just drives you crazy when you're pregnant. So after my first all out crying session after I read something in a pregnant w/ twins book I put them away, ate well, rested when I could, lightly worked out and kept saying to myself "women have done this forever... we're going to get thru this A-OK".

Give yourself the gift of enjoying your pregnancy... you'll be very happy that you did.

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