Pregnancy Complications: Miralax

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Need Some Advice to Deal with Pregnancy Health Issues

I really need to vent out. It's about some health issues in first trimester.I am now 11 weeks pregnant and a lot of things have happened since I found out I am pregnant. Nothing serious or complicated but since this is my first pregnancy , everything is new to me and I feel I have already been having too many problems and I have 6 more months to go. I had UTI(no symptoms) which was diagonised at my first appt.I took antibiotics for that and ended up having some mild burning while urination.I was asked to take yeast medication for 7 days...

Morning Sickness

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Managing Morning Sickness Medicine

I am asking on behalf of my daughter (who is too sick to read the computer). She has morning sickness all day and actually has the medicine from the doctor that could/should help manage anti-nausea. The one time she took it, she threw it up. Any suggestions?

Health & Safety

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Chronic Constipation - Looking for Solutions That Work

Hello Mamas, I was wondering if anyone has had a child that overcame prolonged chronic constipation? My 9 y/o son has been suffering for over three years with this. Here is some background info: We are under the care of a pediatric GI and have been since 2011. He is on 2 caps of Miralax a day. He gets plenty of physical activity (we aim for an hour a day) and drinks enough fluids throughout the day. He takes Florajen probiotics daily. He eats plenty of fruit and does not eat a ton of sugar, though we usually let him have about...