Feeling the Baby Move.

Updated on June 20, 2010
A.S. asks from Arlington, TX
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Im 19 1/2 weeks pregnant with my first baby,and i haven't felt much movement, little flutters here and there.My last OB visit you could see him move on the ultrasound,wondering when i was will be able to feel him move more?

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answers from Atlanta on

Oh you will, I can tell a difference in just one week from week 24 to 25( he is so much stronger and more frequent with movement) Yes, I felt all the fluttering and even some kicking but now he's a mad man in there my whole stomach moves! It's incredable I know it's something you want it won't be long.

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answers from New York on

I felt my first one on the day of the 20 week ultrasound. I don't recall the exact day with my second but also around that 5 month mark. It will be any day now but it is not much to notice at first (by the end you will have no doubt you are being kicked!)



answers from Dallas on

I am currently 25 weeks PG with my 3rd child. I have friends that felt their baby around 18 weeks, and so when I didn't feel anything but small flutters every now and then at 20 weeks I was worried. The Dr. said it is very normal not to feel anything until 22 weeks. I started feeling frequent movement about 21 weeks.. and MAN... now my son has a kick! I am up at 3am right now because he keeps kicking me in the rib area. You will start feeling the baby on a regular basis shortly!



answers from Wichita Falls on

I'm currently pregnant with our 4th. I felt 2 of our babies really early (9 & 11 weeks), but then a drought - this time it scared me because it would be a month between flutters.
I found out that the placenta was front & center (right beneath my belly button area) and the nurse told me it was like trying to feel someone flick you through a pillow - nearly impossible. Now that the baby is bigger (33 weeks) I feel plenty - but still nothing where the placenta is - just around the sides - weird! If you have another ultrasound, ask them where the placenta is located - that may be your answer.



answers from Dallas on

With my first pregnancy I didn't feel anything until around 24wks. This time it was earlier maybe 20-22wks. Each pregnancy is different and this baby boy moves WAY more than my ever daughter did! I'm sure you will start feeling your baby move more and more as the days go on.



answers from Dallas on

Feeling the flutters is great! If your ultrasound was fine, don't worry. I felt both of my kids late.



answers from Tampa on

I didn't feel my son move until WAY late, 22 weeks at LEAST. The placenta was blocking his kicks. (Also in front like pp.)



answers from Phoenix on

With my first it was not until almost 6 months that I could feel her move. With my second it was at the early end of 5 months.



answers from Dallas on

I didn't feel my first one really move until closer to 24 weeks. It's not uncommon to not recognize their movements especially on the first pregnancy.



answers from Dallas on

Oh yeah, big time...before it's all over and done with. I started feeling little flutters at about 4 1/2 months to 5 months, which gradually get stronger and more noticeable, until..by the 9th/10th months, feels like he's got his foot on your bladder, or ribs, kicking and pressing down simply to get a little more room to stretch his legs. Remember, it's very crowded in there at that point. Just think about how we feel when we have to sit still and can't move or stretch for an hour or two, stuck in a car or plane. At the end, there's NO stretch room left in there, and it must be very uncomfotable for the little one.
There's also an aspect of not really knowing, the first time you're pregnant, whether what you're feeling is the baby or just "gas" (as people like to say), but once you've had one child, during the next pregnancy, you remember that feeling and know exactly what it is.
Best wishes! You're in for a treat!


answers from Dallas on

with my first, my placenta was in the front... I didn't feel anything till very late... if the ultra sound is good no need to worry



answers from Lima on

I didn't feel my first move until 22 weeks. Give it a few more weeks. I felt my 2nd move at 15 weeks. It's a wonderful feeling! Just give it some time!



answers from Los Angeles on

With my first, I felt her in the 20th week; with my other two children, I felt them sometime between 16-18 weeks. Those first few weeks of "flutters" start out so faint, and you may have felt the baby but not realized it. In any case, any day now you'll be feeling your sweet baby!



answers from Kansas City on

I think it was about 20-22 weeks when I started feeling the baby move. the placenta was in the front which my OB said made it harder to feel the baby kick.

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