Home Remedites for Colon Cleansing

Updated on December 18, 2008
M.A. asks from Birmingham, AL
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Does anyone have any home remedities for colon cleansing or something good from over the counter? I have had a very heard time with this sense i had my daughter and just live with it. I dont want to live with it anymore and i am not to sure about the over the counter products. Thanks guys for your help.

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So What Happened?

hello lady's, i really would like you for all for your help. changing my diet is the first thing i am going to do and then i go to the doctor on the 31st of this month and will talk to her about what is going on. my daughter is not allowed to have sugar foods and i need to remind myself that i need to lead by example. thanks again

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answers from Mobile on

I went to the GNC store in Wal-Mart this past weekend regarding this same problem. A product called "Colon Cleanse" was recommended to me and boy, does it work!!! I feel so much better. I'm taking it with ACAI. I actually went to the store for the ACAI and the clerk and I got into a conversation about me not being able to "go" for 2-3 days at a time.

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answers from Fayetteville on

Constipation is genetic in my family. I suffered with it for years, and finally fixed mine. This is going to sound awfully silly, but bear with me. First of all, you need to completely cleanse your colon by taking Milk of Magnesia (don't take more than the instructions on the bottle--trust me!). You'll want to use the Milk of Magnesia on a day when your hubby is off work. Take it with a full glass of water when you first wake up, and by the time bedtime comes around your colon will be fully cleansed.

To avoid future problems, here is what you should do: if you can get to a WalMart, they carry a generic brand of cereal called "Honey Nut Spins". It comes in a light purple box. It's inexpensive and it tastes great. Eat a large bowl of this right before bedtime every night. You will never be constipated again. I promise. I went through a lot of trial and error before I came across this cereal. It has been a true life (and sanity) saver.

Best of luck to you. :)


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answers from Huntsville on

I have had a hard time off and on since my son was born and he's now 5! Walmart sells a colon cleanse that's what it's called, cleanse may be off spelled but that is the name of it. It is around $10 and it is as good or better than any of the very expensive remedies that i have tried through the years and much better than those fiber laxatives that take three days!! I don't know about you but i don't have three days for relief!! Okay now for the gross part of what i do from time to time, especially when it gets really bad. A very large enema with warm water, a tablespoon of salt and a tablespoon of baking soda. If at all possible, i do this two or three times until i feel completely empty and to be honest exhausted. I know it sounds horrible, but i used to do this about every two months and i never had any trouble. I just don't take the time to do it any more until, i'm in pretty serious misery!! The recipe is from an edgar casey healthbook. He also suggest using coffe and water in the enema bag which works very well, but should be done either in the morning with regular coffee or if it has to be later in the day, use decaf. I have really had trouble most of my adult life it just got a lot worse after giving birth. I know the enema solution sounds horrible, but trust me it brings unbelievable relief that sometimes lasts for months!! Remember, constipation means that you are also holding in toxins, so don't take it lightly!! Also, if you go for the enema, you will want time alone and a toilet brush handy!! Sorry for the graphic image you may be getting, but i am pretty serious about my colon health and keeping it cleaned out is a very important part of that health. It's not enjoyable, but it works. Best of luck.
Have a fabulous christmas and god bless!!



answers from Tulsa on


You might try Miralax at night or Benefiber. Both of these are almost tasteless and gentle on the stomach.



answers from Oklahoma City on

The very best remedy is to "bulk up". If you and your daughter have a low raw fruit and veggie intake, this could be your prime problem. It could also cause more serious complications down the road. I am a young cancer survivor and am currently doing a lot of research on this very subject. My cancer stemmed from a poor diet when I was a teen and young adult, as do about 80% of our cancers today. Its not from a high fat or sugar intake, but from a low nutrient one. Most of our fast foods and processed goods from the store dont contain vitamins and minerals in an absorbable form (that's the real key, foods can say they have added nutrients, but only in their natural form do they work with one-another on the body). As a result, your body's cells arent getting what they need to form properly. So they form mutants instead. And if you aren't in the best of health, these mutations can get out-of-hand and create cancerous cells.
I would say try to add as much fruit, whole juices (not Sunny D or Oceanspray) and vegetables to your diet as possible. Limit your intake of MSG and corn syrup (they're in everything we eat, please google this for more info). And dont forget about your water. That is absolutely the best cleanser there is. Cut out all soda's - or create your own. I use seltzer and various fruit juices to create some very cool carbonated drinks. If you follow these steps, you should both see a massive difference in 2 to 3 weeks, not only in your "rythems", but in your overall health as well. My family hasn't had so much as a sniffle since I made the switch (over 3 years now), and my youngest even had terrible allergies. She was even on an inhaler daily - and it still wasn't working. Now she's off everything and we haven't seen the doc for more than an occasional check up in years. :}



answers from Oklahoma City on

Fleet makes a great product that you drink. Just a half of the bottle should do it. It tastes real bad but it works so fast. After a few days I would then start taking a stool softner every day. Another all natural way is prune juice. Drink a large glass or two the first time then drink a small glass daily. My pregnant daughter is doing this with great results.
Good Luck
I also moved here from California. It is different isn't it?



answers from Fayetteville on

I lived perpetually constipated, and it got worse when I got pregnant, and since i was pregnant, I didn't want to take anything like medicine. Here is what my doctor suggested, prune juice, raisin Bran, and leaving the skins on the fruits and veggies that i eat since the skins hold most of the fiber. Basically get lots and lots of fiber. I know you hear "Get more fiber" all the time, but it really works, I went from only have 1 BM per week and being sluggish and miserable all the time to daily and have soooo much more energy just by drinking 1 glass of prune juice a week, eating a small bowl of Raisin Bran a day (I have made it my nightly snack since it is low fat and I use 1% milk in it), and leaving the skins on my fruits and veggies (of course I still peel banana's and oranges...lol), which also saves sooo much time. Good luck hun, I know it is miserable.

Oh, and I cut out most soda and drink lots of water every day, especially right before and right after my work-out. I still have soda, but only on occasion, like if we happen to go out to eat, which right now, doesn't happen very often.



answers from Tuscaloosa on

I agree with the person who said you might want to investigate the cause before jumping into colon cleansing. It seems a little odd to have problems after childbirth, but maybe it's more common than I think.

Some food which might taste better than prune juice, and really help are watermelon, coconut (not coconut-flavoring, but actual shaved coconut), and pear juice. Pear juice is next to prune juice to relieving constipation in kids, and tastes MUCH better! Definitely increase your exercise too, even if it is just walking (without stopping) for 30 mins. in the mall 2-3 days each week. You'll find lots of other moms there too! Good luck.



answers from Oklahoma City on

M.: I am a firm believer in ALL Herbalife products. I was actually hospitalized with colon problems a few years ago and since I started I my Herbalife products, no more problems, after suffering with constipation, etc., my entire life. Herbalife has a specific line of products for the colon, for cleansing and regularity. Email me at ____@____.com and I can get you going! If you'd like to check out the product line, pricing, etc., you can go to www.herbalife.com and do some research. These products will literally change your life!

Good luck,

S. Woodall



answers from Tulsa on

curious to see responses...



answers from Oklahoma City on

MiraLax if far more gentle than many over the counter products. After my first son, I used senokot with good results. With this pregnancy, it just wasn't enough so I use MiraLax 2-3 days a week. You mix it into a drink once a day.



answers from Auburn on


I haven't seen this suggested, you may try to take some Probiotics, they are great for good for Colon health. You can get them in pill form (at a health food store/pharmacies are now carrying them too) or a mixture you can put into yogurt or something like that. Yogurt is also great for your digestion, getting Activia, or any yogurt that has the good bacteria is helpful. It is always best to consult with your Doctor about any health problems if only just to talk with the nurse to make sure there isn't something more serious that needs to be addressed.



answers from Fayetteville on

What do you mean, since you had your daughter? What kinds of problems are you actually having?

Are you talking about having a bulge? In that case, what you have is actually probably diastasis. You can look it up online to learn exercises to remedy it.

If you're constipated, you probably just need more fiber, water and exercise, and less meat. (Best way to prevent needing a colon cleanse is not eating meat/dairy and white flour products, and in their place, eating plenty of fiber.) Since AMericans are chronically dehydrated (as a culture we drink far too little water), and since busy moms of babies forget to take care of themselves, this is probably a large part of your problem. Believe me, not increasing your water and increasing your fiber is not going to help a whole lot.

Bonus to drinking plenty of water: your fine lines/wrinkles smooth out (well, probably not much of a concern for you yet)!

One great herbal cleanse is Gaia Herbal out of North Carolina. My husband after doing it felt better than he had since he was a teenager. But you have to be disciplined. Everything of value takes earning it :) Best way to approach it is to plan ahead: shop for cleanse-friendly foods and snacks that fulfill your cravings without breaking the diet.

Private message me, though. You could be having any number of problems with any number of causes. I don't want to just tell you about digestive cleansing without knowing what's actually going on.




answers from Texarkana on

Taking food enzymes and whole, natural yogurt on an empty stomach first thing in the moring is great. Also, take Megnesiujm before bed each night. (You will sleep like a baby!) It helps move your bowels. Of course, drink plenty of filtered water with fresh lemon juice squeezed into it.

Check out my response to the ADD Help posting...
You may need your thyroid checked... Chronic constipation is one of the top symptoms.

Hope it all goes well...


answers from Texarkana on

Hey M. -

go to www.ValerieSaxion.com and click on her program notes - I think there is one called colon cleansing or maybe just cleansing. She is a Christian doctor with products for sale, but also many many home remedies for those who can't afford the products. I think I remember that the colon cleanse has to do with coffee enemas.

My husband's first question was, "Does it have to be hot?" tee hee hee And the answer is no : ) You do them over a series on weeks or maybe a month - it will tell you how to tell you're all cleaned out.

I have done those product cleanses and you sure do feel better afterwards. I've been thinking about the coffee method : )




answers from Huntsville on

I used to have a problem with constipation. I would drink prune juice when I had trouble. It was nasty, yes, but I would warm it and drink it through a straw!!

Then I discovered Gerber makes Apple Prune Juice. It's in those little bottles for toddlers, but it tastes better than regular prune juice and it still helped me!

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