I'm confused...pregnant or Not?

Updated on October 25, 2011
M.F. asks from Larkspur, CO
7 answers

So I feel pregnant, however the last three home pregnancy tests have been negative....any clues?

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answers from Dallas on

If you're late, go to the doc and get a blood test. If not, wait a few more days and test again.

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answers from Dover on

I know a girl who on her fourth pregnancy, had several negative home tests and test at the doctor's. Her dr and husband thought she was crazy and couldn't possibly be pregnant (after all, the tests said she wasn't AND she was on birth control). Finally, after three months of telling them she felt pregnant she demanded the dr do a blood test. POSITIVE. So they did an ultrasound (which before they did the dr said, you can't be more than a month along because you were NOT pregnant when you were here last month)....13 weeks along.

She said "tell me again that I've been wrong for 3 months!". Their daughter is now 5 years old.

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answers from Redding on

I don't want this to sound mean, because I would never want to be that way to you.
I was told I could never have children and even still I got a daughter.
Then, for years in my marriage trying to have a baby, even though I knew it was normal for me not to have periods, I always thought or felt pregnant.
The funny thing is that when I gave up worrying about it and about 9 years later, all the signs and symptoms were lost on me.
I felt funny. I didn't feel right somehow.
I was pregnant!

I joked that I should have bought stock in the pregnancy test companies for all the tests I took and they were always negative. Because I wasn't pregnant.
And then, when I actually was...I couldn't believe it.
If you are testing really early, you might get false positives.
If you really think you are pregnant, get a blood test. Pregnancy hormones don't always show up on urine tests for some women in the beginning.

I felt pregnant every month I missed my period and sometimes I went 6 to 8 months without one.
My body was a mess. I wanted to be pregnant so badly that my body played tricks on me.
Just when I relaxed and thought it would never happen....it did.

Schedule an appointment for your doctor in a week. If you don't get your period, a blood test will surely let you know one way or the other.

I hope you get the results you're looking for.

Best wishes.

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answers from Austin on

Go and have a blood test. That way you will know for sure and can move on.

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answers from Lansing on

I agree with the other moms, a blood test really is the way to go. They can get a lot of info from them and you will know for sure iether way! Good Luck!!

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answers from Washington DC on


Take the PG test with the first morning urine. That's when the hormones are highest.

If it's negative and you don't get a period in one to two weeks, then call your doctor for a blood test.

Please know that if you are trying VERY hard to conceive, you can talk your body into ANY symptom of pregnancy. So instead of taking multiple tests, get the blood test done and find out for sure.

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answers from Hartford on

It's more common to have false negatives than false positives, but if you had three negatives from different batches it's really unlikely that you're pregnant. Obviously a blood test is the only way to know. But if you're not pregnant, there's any number of things that can mimic symptoms of pregnancy especially if you want to be pregnant.

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