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Claritin During Pregnancy

I was taking Claritin every day when I found out I was about 6 weeks pregnant. I went to the OBGYN, and he said I can continue taking it and I have done so through the majority of my first trimester. When I do research on taking Claritin during pregnancy, my understanding is that it is considered "safe", in that they have no evidence that it causes birth defects. Am I OK to continue taking it? I want other opinions from moms in addition to my doctor's. Not taking some allergy med is not an option, as I can barely breathe or function...

In the Womb

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Allergy Shots and Pregnancy

HI -- We are thinking about having another baby, but my obgyn wants me to stop my allergy shots for 2 months before we start trying and not start back up until 2 months after the baby is born. Does anyone else take allergy shots? Has anyone been pregnant and taken allergy shots? Does anyone know how allergy shots effect the baby?

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Looking for Hay Fever/Seasonal Allergy Relief That Is Safe for Pregnancy!

I've had seasonal allergies for as far back as I can remember, but I've never been pregnant during allergy season! This year seems more severe to me as I'm five months pregnant, and have constant itchy eyes, post-nasal drip, dry itchy throat, etc. Icky. It's really interfering with my daily activities, especially hanging out with my two year-old. I've been sleeping with out the air conditioning on, since that seems to dry things out a little too much, but am of course ridiculously hot am and either waking up from a dry throat or from...

Pregnancy Complications

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Cold Medicine During Early Pregnancy

Hi all. I've been reading the websites and I'm extremely confused and a little scared. I have a pretty bad - but not severe- head and chest cold (nasal stuffiness and drainage, ears are stuffy, soar throat and somewhat productive cough) and am 8 weeks pregnant. I've been reading all the websites for what cold medicines are ok to take and I'm getting mixed answers and am a little scared. I do need something, as I'm on vacation and visiting family for my parent's joint 60th birthday parties. I need to be able to be a part of the...


Itchy Skin on Belly

My sister is pregnant with her first and is due 2/10/10 - recently her belly...


Cold and Pregancy

I am 36 1/2 weeks along, and have come down with an awful cold? over the...