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Weekly Meal Plan Ideas

M.L. asks from Houston

Does anyone have one? It doesn't have to be fancy or set in stone, but like a basic, Taco Tuesday, Spaghetti Wednesday type thing? I am desperate for direction wit...


Has Anyone Taken a Weekly Progesterone Shot to Prevent Early Labor??

A.P. asks from Peoria

My ob/gyn suggested that I consider taking a weekly shot (17a hydroxyprogesterone caproate) to prevent preterm delivery since I delivered my first son 4 weeks early a...


Weekly Grocery Bill

L.L. asks from Hartford

I just read the Coupon Post and some of the answers and it got me thinking. What are your average grocery bills and how many people are in your family? Now matter how...


Anyone Use 17 OH Progesterone Caproate Weekly Injections to Stop Preterm Labor?

T.L. asks from Stockton

Hi, I'm 15 weeks along and was just advise by my OB that she would like me to start weekly injections of 17 OH progesterone caproate to stop preterm labor. I delive...


Pregnancy Books

R.E. asks from Washington DC

Hi, I just found out I'm pregnant with my first child! I'm looking for a good pregnancy book. Can anyone make a recommendation? Or a good website?


Pregnancy and Chiropractor

M.L. asks from Chicago

For the past 2 years, I've seen a chirpractor every week, simply for overall health. I am newly pregnant and am having second thoughts about continuing my adjustments...


Hyperemesis During Pregnancy

D.H. asks from Lewiston

My husband and I are planning to have a second child and I am preparing for the worst. I had hyperemesis during my first pregnancy (first four months was awful) and I...


Pregnancy Symtoms

M.T. asks from Boston

I just found out last week that I am expecting. I however do not seem to have very many "pregnancy symtoms". I'm not very tired as I was with my daughter and I...


Pregnancy and Thyroid

N.O. asks from Detroit

Hi ladies, Back in november I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I was 7 weeks pregnant with my second child when i found out. At almost my 11th week i found out...


Pregnancy After Stillborn...

J.S. asks from Tampa

Hi all, I am almost 22wks pregnant and on bed rest for unexplained pains and pressure. 4 years ago I had a stillborn daughter at 21wks. That was my first pregnancy an...