Cord Blood Banking

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Anyone Bank Their Cord Blood

S.L. asks from Chicago

Hi I'm 7m pregnant with my second child and I did not bank or donate my cord blood with my first child, however I'm thinking of doing it this time around. Has anyone ...


Cord Blood

L.P. asks from New York

With my first son, we banked his cord blood privately (CBR). We have another on the way. My husband is undecided if he wants to bank for the second as well. It is ...


Cord Blood

K.M. asks from Kansas City

Any info/advice on saving the cord blood after deliver would be helpful! Have you done it? Would you recommend it? Thanks!


Cord Blood

N.S. asks from Houston

i like to know about cord blood ,its cure neurological problem in children or not


Banking of Cord Blood (Worthwhile to Also Bank Cord Tissue?)

S.R. asks from San Francisco

I'm wondering -- for those of you who banked with CBR (or elsewhere), did you bank both cord blood and cord tissue, or just the former? Thank you.


Cord Blood

D.B. asks from New York

Is anyone really purchasing the Cord Blood for stem cells? I feel like I am a bad parent if I do not do this? Does anyone have it or not have it?


Cord Blood

K.L. asks from Washington DC

Has any one done any research , or had any experience with cord blood banking? We are trying to decide if we should do it. This is our second baby, and we hope for a...


Cord Blood

B.L. asks from Missoula

Has anyone stored their child's cord blood, but not their second child's? I have to make a quick decision weather or not to get it . I'm due in 2 weeks and my husband...


Seeking Advice from Mamas on Whether to Bank Cord Blood.

C.G. asks from Austin

I am debating on whether to bank my baby's cord blood. I am curious on how many other mamas decided for or against it. Thanks for any input you can provide:)


Cord Blood Question

J.B. asks from Philadelphia

for those of you who have banked cord blood after delivery, did you bank at 2 separate banks just in case there was a problem with one?