Pregnancy at 43 - El Segundo,CA

Updated on February 26, 2013
N.L. asks from El Segundo, CA
14 answers

What was your experience like? Did you have complications with the pregnancy? How was the health of your baby?

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answers from Philadelphia on

I have two friends that delivered at 43 and one friend at 44. No complications and all had healthy babies:). The docs do scare you though.

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answers from Seattle on

My mom had my little sister at 44.

Her Obgyn brought up the whole abortion issue, because of the supposed health risks. My mom was insulted and found another doctor.

She was considered a ''high risk'' pregnancy by every other doctor. She had a scheduled C-section(mainly because that is how she delivered both my older sister and I.

She(my sister)came out a little jaundiced(which can happen no matter the moms age). She also developed a milk allergy that was so bad that my mom could not even touch dairy(she was nursing).

None of that was ''related'' to my moms age.

I think my little sister gave her something to keep her busy (she retired from 25+ years with the Federal Gov't when she found out she was expecting and started an in home daycare for Teachers...only to go back to school to become a teacher at 56). She gave my mom a reason to slow down and change her path. She became almost a rock, because she was home and handling the day to day.

Rambling sorry.

My point to the ramble was, I think having a baby a little later in life, although does have slight higher health risks, makes you a better person. You are wiser and can parent with a little better structure in life.

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answers from Burlington on

I was pregnant, first time, at 43. No complications and our son was and is now (at 4 years) very healthy.

I was nervous because I heard too many people say I was too old to give birth to a healthy baby. Wow, were they wrong.

Not sure why you're asking, but if you're looking for some reassurance because you're pregnant, congratulations!

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answers from Los Angeles on

Lucky!!! I say this with the most joy and a little envy...good for you. I have 4 beautiful children (my last born at age 38). We tried for the past few years to get pregnant but I just dont have enough lining and had an early miscarriage. I think now at age 44 we are set with our little family...I have no real words of wisdom as I didn't get to pregnant in my 40's but I have all of the joy of wishing you the happiest pregnancy and just walk around knowing how blessed you are!!! Enjoy every moment and relax about the things that can worry you (as much as possible). Of course I would have testing done so that I could do the best for my baby and to reassure myself but other than that, you are a vessel of goodness and beauty. Walk proud beautiful pregnant Mama!!!

Hugs to you and your little bundle of absolute made me smile that woman can still do this at our age...if it not be me, let it be for others that's for sure

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answers from Minneapolis on

A former work colleague of mine had her first (and only) baby at 43. No problems or complications with either the pregnancy or the baby. She is now a healthy 6-year-old.

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answers from Las Vegas on

I got pregnant at 41 and had a healthy baby boy at 42. Had a healthy and trouble-free pregnancy. Ended up having a c-section, but all was well with the baby, and my recovery was quick and easy. He is 8 now, and other than allergies and well-controlled asthma, he is healthy and happy.

Not sure what your circumstances are but just wanted to send support and good wishes.

J. F.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I had my first child at 39. It was a miserable pregnancy. I threw up for 9 months and was exhausted all the time. I was in labor for 52 hours and had an emergency C-section. I had my second child at 42. Wonderful pregnancy and she came hours before my scheduled C-section.

I now have a very healthy 16 year old boy (6'2", 270 lb football player) and a just as healthy 13 year old girl soccer player. Both are very smart and have no health problems. Relax and enjoy your pregnancy. Each one is different and it doesn't necessarily have anything to do with your age.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Everyone is different and has different health issues. You can't compare yourself physically to anyone else. Lots of younger moms have issues so age alone doesn't determine anythign. Just be healthy and take care of yourself and pray for a healthy baby.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I was just talking to a friend about the fact that before contraception was available women just always had kids into their 40s. That was normal, what else were they going to do? And most of those turned out fine. If nature wouldn't want women in their 40s to have kids, then nature wouldn't let that be possible.
There may be added risks, but there are also added risks with dads over 40. Don't worry about it. Enjoy they ride!

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answers from Honolulu on

My friend had her 2nd child, when she was about 46.
She had no pregnancy issues, her son was born fine and healthy.

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answers from Los Angeles on

My girl is nearly 1 and amazing! She is my 3rd and I got pregnant with we at 43 much to my doctor's surprise. I had high blood pressure (1st pregnancy too) and slightly elevated sugar (all pregnancies). She had a fast heart beat at 35 weeks and 6 days so they did an emergency c-section. They still don't know why, she was great when she came out, the 5 pounds 12 ounces. She has a hard time learning to nurse, but so did big brother. Her jaundice went away so fast the doctor said they had never seen a kid break away from it that fast, I was so happy for her. Her brothers had it longer. So long story short, it is different for everyone! Just attend all your appointments and listen to your doctor and take care of yourself. It will be great!!!

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answers from Madison on

I had one friend who had her child at the age of 41 (he's now 13 years old) and my best friend had her daughter at the age of 40 (she's almost 4 years old). Both of them had good pregnancies, no problems. Both babies were born healthy with no issues.

Just take care of yourself, eat well, get enough sleep, and get some moderate exercise/keep fit/keep moving. You should be fine with smooth sailing.


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answers from Los Angeles on

My first pregnancy at age 40 ended in a miscarriage at 10 weeks.

My second pregnancy at age 41 ended in a 8 lb 14oz baby boy. Beautiful, all 10's on the Apgar scale. He was induced because the doctor threatended to drop me as a patient if I didn't induce and also told me it was more dangerous to be overdue than to induce.
I think she was lying, and I think if we had had better, more open communication and she had been better able to explain how they calculated the months of the pregnancy with the date of the last period and all then maybe I still wouldn't resent the way he was delivered and put at risk - he was induced, they administered Pitocin after 36 hours of labor and meconium became present and his heart rate dropped. He was delivered via C-Section. He had jaundice, but that was quickly cleared up.

But you asked about the pregnancy - I am not a very active person, and so I didn't exercise as I should have before hand, I weighed 180 when I conceived, gained about 15+ lbs. and did contract gestational diabetes. I was able to control it by taking a walk around the block every time I ate anything!!

This baby was very quiet in utero and I had to be monitored for his heart rate toward the end of the pregnance, going into the hospital every 3 days or so, for the last 4 weeks. I was never worried about him though. Oh, and I did have pregnancy acne - yuck.

At age 43 I had my third pregnancy. Another handsome boy - 9lbs 14 ozs. He was very active in utero, much more than his brother. I gained 20 + pounds, but NOT gestational diabetes. The dr. told me it was because I had had a weight loss with my breast feeding. But even though I did put the weight back on, I didn't get the diabetes.

The pregnancy was wonderful. I was able to go to full term and then just when I thought I was going to be able to have a VBAC, my blood pressure spiked, so another C-Section. Bummer.

I did have nausea (morning sickness) with both pregnancies, but lemon was really the most help with that.

I was somewhat frightened with my third pregnancy, because the dr. has to tell you all the terrible things that can go wrong - down syndrome, etc, and then about how that can rip a family apart and the older siblings are just so neglected they have a higher rate of deliquency, yadda, yadda, yadda. Talk about depressing! But we chose to celebrate life.

My recommendation for anyone pregnant - EXERCISE, as much as possible. It helps everything. Eat pure, have a little red wine every few days, take lots of pregnancy pictures - and clean house. More than just getting rid of stuff, clean out your life of the nay sayers, the drama queens, the ones who will be offended if you have to abruptly hang up the phone because the baby is crying. Put your financial house in order (we did Dave Ramsey) learn to communicate with your spouse about how you will discipline, sleep with, educate your child. Make about 2 jillion freezer meals and baby proof the house and find a support group - really, MOMS Club was the best. My church was too far away, but Mom to Mom was wonderful (at Life Bible Fellowship Church in Upland, CA). Search Pinterest about cute baby announcements and how you will track and photograph baby milestones. Keep your life as simple as possible, starting now, because now you are not living for yourself, but for your child. And children spell love, t-i-m-e.

Good luck and CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I would have had 4 more babies if I had just started earlier . . . .I am very, very happy for you and your family!!



answers from Seattle on

I had my first at 41 and second at 43yo. I had complications with the first that had nothing to do with my age (previa among other things). Very healthy daughter. I had no complications with my second and a very healthy daughter.

They still call it a high risk pregnancy if your over 40yo, but I bet that will be changing in a few years. If you're healthy, don't worry.

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