In the Womb: Miralax

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Gross Question: TMI Hemorrhoids (36 Wks with Baby #2)

Ok so I know it's part of pregnancy, but I did not get any until AFTER birth with my first. It wasn't a huge deal just a sort of "oh my, what the hell is that" moment in the shower. Would cause a little pain and bleeding sometimes but went away. Well, they're back - at about 32 weeks I noticed . . . bleeding, pain while going #2. Comes and goes and sometimes it gets really bad and uncomfortable to poop, like everything is just falling out (TMI I know) and after I go it just feels like there's still something there that I need to squeeze...

First Trimester

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Constipation in My 8 Yr Old(i Think)

My son was having stomach cramps and diarrhea spurts,so badly I had to get him from school a couple of times and he couldnt even stay at a Bucks game because of it. We saw a ped.gastreointestinal specialist and he told us that he was actually constipated and to give him 5 capfuls 3x a day of miralax,well,he really only is pooping out liquids and is now throwing up from all the disgusting stuff he has to drink,I feel so bad for him and want to continue what the doc says but Im nervous he will become dehydrated,please let me know what I...

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Tummy issues...scared to Poop...

Good Morning Mommas! I need help with my 6 year old. He is holding his poop and reverting and pooping his pants. He has been potty trained since 2.5 years old. This just started around Valentines day and I want to try and get it undercontrol before it gets out of control. He has had issues with his BM's for about 1.5 years. There hasn't been much consistancy with his BM's, meaning solid, soft etc... (sorry maybe TMI) I've taken him to his pediatrician several times, changed his diet to high fiber, just started to give a small cup...