Xbox W/kinect vs Wii W/fitness

Updated on December 28, 2010
C.A. asks from Wichita, KS
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I've been considering buying a game console(I'm not really a video game person except for maybe some mario & donkey kong back in the day) I do like the game show games. I am trying to decide between the Xbox and Wii. I want it mostly for fitness, dance, karaoke, sports(bowling/tennis) I do have a 3 yr old so I would like a few child games, I saw a commercial for a child dance game. I have a friend with both and she says she likes the Xbox better. I'm just wanting a few more opinions. Quality, variety of games, variation of price for games, does one freeze and make you wanna throw it across the room :)


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answers from Kansas City on

I just got Wii and Wii fit for Christmas. I really like tennis, yoga, boxing and aerobics. I've also played golf and bowling. It's easy to use and I feel like I'm getting a pretty good work-out.

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answers from Seattle on

xBox Kinnect. HANDS DOWN.

The body movements with the Wii are extraneous (unless you buy all the different pads that go with the gear which are uber pricey, and even then it's VERY easy to figure out the "cheats" with them), and the Wii measures your actual weight and gives you a roly poly avatar (if you're at all overweight).

The Kinnect otoh is video and it uses the avatar you choose (kind of like a ghost, you can see through it) so if you're at all overweight you don't get wave of shame every time you use it... if you're anything like me... and also since it's video you only have to buy ONE piece of equipment (the kinnect itself) and ALL your body movements are important. We had 4 generations playing on it this christmas eve. SO much fun.

My 8yo has been dancing on it practically non-stop, and his avatar copies him exactly... spins, slides, "snake" arms, breakdance schtuff, etc.. Mom, otoh, is NOT that fit.

The tech, as well, was military spec as of just a few years ago (phenom, uses facial recognition and everything... some techie types have tied it into their home security systems... and the games are brilliant and vivacious and just getting better all the time. Movie quality.)

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answers from Dallas on

XBox/ Kinect is the best!!! We have had a Wii with the fitness games for a while now and it was alot of fun. However, we got the xbox/kinect for the kids for Christmas and you get a much better work out...:) They do have work out games for the kinect too.
Go Xbox/kinect!

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answers from Milwaukee on

I posted this same question before Christmas. We ended up with the XBOX and Kinect. They have awesome games for the little ones, Zumba for the fitness, and you can even check your facebook account from it. Definitely invest in the xbox 360 w/Kinect.



answers from Washington DC on

I was in the same place as you, but finally gave in a bought the Xbox and Kinect for Christmas for myself and kids (Dh is deployed) with the guise of getting us all in shape and exercising thru the winter. I've played a few games on it, and it's a BLAST! Had a track and field tourney with my brother and we almost fell over laughing (we usually fight), we did some boxing, some bowling, etc. I haven't tried the fitness games yet...but am looking forward to it. It really is pretty cool stuff and I've already worked up a sweat on the games we did try. I'm sure Wii has a LOT more games out, but as new as Kinect is, I can only imagine what they offer will be booming in the near future. Also, one of my reasons for getting the kinect is that you can purchase Xbox live membership and use the TV with the kinect as a webcam (will be cool for the kids to be able to skype with their Daddy on the big screen TV!)



answers from Joplin on

If you choose to buy the Xbox, be prepared to buy extra things to get it to work right. my son got it and since Christmas we have spent over $100 to get the thing to work. just saying. My daughter has the wii and I got the wii fit plus. We are excited about that.



answers from Harrisburg on

I've got the Wii with the Wii fit plus. If your into Mario and Donkey kong go with the Wii! They have a ton of Mario games and the new Donkey kong game just came out recently and I love it. Definitely brings back memories! I would say go with the Wii.

I've also got the xbox but not the kinect.
I honestly don't want the kinect when I've got my Wii. Xbox is good for shooter, racing, and RPG games.



answers from Nashville on

We have both systems in our home and I must say, we LOVE the Kinect!! The Wii & Wii Fit are ok. But, you just can't compete with the Kinect and the fact that you don't have to hold controllers & nunchuk attachments, etc. like you do with the Wii. Plus, with our XBox 360 not only do we have the Kinect, but we also have the entire Rock Band collection......the mic, 2 guitars, the drum set, the keyboard, the stage lights and even the fog machine!!! Talk about TONS of family fun!!!! It's just a blast. The XBox 360 has tons and tons of great games and the Kinect will only have more and more games coming out. PLUS, with Kinect (w/ Xbox live account), we are able to video chat with all our family and friends who also have it. You can play all the games together and hear eachother's's fantastic!!! My daughter is about to turn 7 and my son is 4 1/2 and we ALL have a blast. =0) I highly recommend the Xbox 360 and Kinect if you have to choose one. I can see our Wii and Wii Fit not getting used very much at all now.


answers from Cincinnati on

KINECT!!!! We got it for Christmas and it is awesome! My 2 kids, (almost 3 and 6) couldn't do much with the Wii because they didn't understand how the hand held controller really worked. For example when to release a button at the right second. They got frustrated. With the Kinect, you just do it with your body without having to focus on what is in your hand. Last night my 5 yr old daughter had a ball with her daddy! It was entertaining just to watch and not be playing it. We're buying the dance central for kinect this week. My sister says it is a hoot!



answers from St. Louis on

You have one other option: PS3 with MOVE!

My 23y.o. has this system & it rocks! + it plays BluRay addition to all of the other bonuses listed for the other game systems. & just last night, my son tried Kinect at a friend's house & hated how everybody in the room had to be still.....or the "eye" picked up on the others' movements. He said it was a pain. & this is not a problem with his MOVE. But it was a party vs. just a family night....

My younger son has XBox360 with a Live account. He wanted a Kinect until he used his friend's.....he ended up hating it - compared to his brother's MOVE. Teenage angst or ???

& another bonus for the XBox360 & the PS3: Netflix!! Both of my sons watch Netflix on their systems!!

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