Wii Fitness? or Xbox 360? - Saint Paul,MN

Updated on December 08, 2011
S.K. asks from Chicago, IL
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We want to get one this holiday season. No, not for kid's wishlist but this is my husband's gift to me because he thinks he somehow can get me to exercise. I hate exercising, so maybe I can play some of those games or maybe buy zumba etc. Not sure if it will be really of any use in losing weight but my husband didn't seem happy when I said I didn't want one. He has given up asking me to go to the gym. (he is concerned about my health because I have put on lot of weight and have knee pains, get tired easily, have a belly that makes me look like 5 months pregnant!)

Anyways, I am not able to decide which one works for our family.It will be mainly used for fitness (for both me and hubby). We have a 19 month old , so maybe simple games that he could have fun as well. We are just looking for casual games. Hubby is not into gaming much either.

I am thinking wii fitness could be the one for us? Is Xbox for older kids and hardcore gamers?
I am looking forward to hear your opinion about this. Anybody use it for exercise at all in your home or is it just for games?

We would also like to use netflix on it.

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answers from Seattle on


Hands down.


Well, not only because we own one... but because we spend 6mo in and out of children's hospital this year. Why is THAT a point? Because they give Wii's to the bedbound children to use. All you need to do to use them is to flick your wrist. Yes they SAY to stand and crouch, or swing your whole arm... but it is VERY easy to cheat. Which is why sick kids who can barely move can use them for hours.

Even with the pads (expensive, and they break) for the floor... It's VERY easy to cheat. Really, really easy.

The 360, otoh, is filming your entire body. It will correct you if your hand is facing out instead of in, or if your shoulders (or body, hips, etc.) are at the wrong angle.

Many of the programs are also 'settable' for injuries or conditions. So you can do yoga or pilates with all the ones that would stress your injury taken out. The dance games catch if you're not popping your shoulders, or just stepping straight instead of stepping with a twist. AWESOME. And there's no lag.

It rains here apx 10mo a year. The 360 is PHENOM for at home / indoor exercise. The Wii is fun, but nowhere near as good, and all the controllers and pads are PRICEY (several hundred)



answers from Kansas City on

I would have sworn by the Wii UNTIL we just got the xBox 360 and Kinect.

The 360 is MUCH more interactive and pretty true to the activity. My husband actually was looking at the 360 because of how it interacted with his TV and internet and that we can use it as a DVD player. Don't ask M., I just enjoy what my geek husband does in the house! ;) Anyway, with just ONE of the sports sets, my 21 and 17 year olds were sweating doing the different activities.

I know this isn't really what your asking, and I do think you would enjoy the xbox, but unless the whole family will use for the games, why not put the money to a treadmill? To some people it sounds boring, but I have mine facing the windows but some people watch TV that way. *We live where I can see lots of animal activity. I also listen to music and on occasion read a book. Obviously, if I'm reading, I'm not really exercising but I am moving! I also have a pedometer and have a goal of 10,000 + steps per day which is around 5 miles. I make a game of it. Putting away laundry, instead of putting everything in a basket and making one trip, I'll make several trips.

Your husband is right to worry about you, but you have to do it for yourself! Do it now while you and your family is young and it will be a family habit. Trust M., I'm almost 50, dealing with the menopause weight issues, it is much harder to get in an activity (call it activity, not exercise) habit now! But I'm doing it!



answers from Honolulu on

We have both.
For adults, my vote is for the Xbox360.
Your 19 month old has a LONG time, before he will be able to use it properly.
However, we have the Wii Fit, and it is good and fun. I like it. It keeps track of each persons individual progress. And is easy to use. But I recommend getting the Wii Balance Board too, for it. We got it as a bundled deal.

If you don't want to exercise, then the Xbox will become your Husband's Xbox. And even if he is not a gamer now... IF he has an Xbox.... he will... probably get into the games.
And yes, you can use Netflix on it.
You can do anything on it.

No one can make you lose weight or exercise. Your Husband, though he is trying, needs to realize that. So, his getting an Xbox, (for your to exercise), is an expensive thing to get, when it will not be used... for exercise nor by you, Primarily.

The Xbox is better.... for adults. And versatile.



answers from Phoenix on

Xbox 360 and Kinnect hands down. Our entire family uses it (and those Dance Central games can burn some serious calories!). We use it for games, DVD, online video with family back east and to store our Netflix movies.


answers from Houston on

I recommend the xbox 360. Wii remotes are difficult for little children to use, as well as gamers for adults, the wii fit games aren't that fun and the games lag a loooot due to controller issues. The xbox 360 with the kinect bundle not only has better graphics, but the games are a lot more fun, you don't have to worry about controllers for the fitness and physical games. I don't know, we have played both. We own the 360, but our friends own the wii. We always get frustrated with it and turn it off. My boys who are 3and 5 love the xbox and it has plenty of games they can play. The dance and fitness games through the kinect are fun too. The 360 we also stream our netflix through it, maybe the wii does that also.

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