Wii or Other Gaming System?

Updated on November 02, 2010
T.W. asks from Allen, TX
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Trying to decide what "gaming system" to get our 4 kids, but mostly for our two older boys (7 and 8). Any info you can give me to help even get me started, would be greatly appreciated. If you have any info also about cost and what extra accessories you need for different systems, that would be awesome too!!
Thanks in advance!

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answers from Saginaw on

I think the Wii is a perfect gaming system for a family. The games tend to come for more than one player and their are so many different games out there. Any other game system I believe is geared towards one player. My husband has a PS3 and their are only a few games out there that can be used with more than one player or in a cooperative manor.

If you go with the Wii and have 4 kids you'll need to buy for starters 3 extra controllers (Each 35-50.00 a piece). It comes with 1 controller. Then there are more accessories you can get from that point on, nunchucks, Racing wheels...etc. But the controllers are first priority.

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answers from Los Angeles on

try to buy from ebay. you can get them cheaper and still new.


answers from Raleigh on

I love the Wii. I honestly wouldn't buy anything else!


answers from Dallas on

We got a Wii when it first came out and we still play it as a family.

Daughter is almost 16 now but she does the SIMS sometimes, Cheer, Rockband, Dance

We play the sports together. We did get extra remotes, boxing gloves and a few little extras. It makes for good family time!

She also gets online with it sometimes, plays online games, she can even access her facebook with it.

We feel like we've gotten our money's worth out of the system.



answers from Spokane on

The Wii is great for family play, especially the Rockband-type games - you have to work together to get ahead :) My husband has an Xbox360, but only uses it for his 'blood and guts' games. You can get the 360 and still get the music games, then when your boys get older get them more 'mature' games. But with how fast the technology changes, the systems we're using now will be pretty much obsolete in 5-10 years anyways.

Regardless of which system you choose, make sure you have enough controllers for your multi-player games. And they're selling some of the co-op music games (Rockband, etc) as JUST the game, with the assumption that you'll already have the part from a previous version. READ CAREFULLY about what accessories you need before you buy a game!! There are lots of on-line reviews you can check out before you buy a console or a game too, and those are by the people that actually play them ;)



answers from Dallas on

The Wii is great but you may be interested in the new system for XBox 360---Kinect. It is gaming with out a controller so even the youngest can 'play.' My husband is on the countdown; apparently it comes out this week.



answers from Stockton on

We have the Wii and the entire family aged 3 and up play it together!


We have the Wii and the entire family aged 3 and up play it together!



answers from Los Angeles on

I think the Wii is a good choice. My son has a PS, but most of the games are one person and pretty sedentary. The Wii is more multi-person and more active. It comes with some games, so you're ready to go. But it usually only comes with one controller. You'll need more of those. Other than that, the only thing I'd recommend is switching over to the rechargeable batteries so that you can keep them charged at all times without worrying about batteries. Costco usually has the best deal on the system and it usually comes packed with one extra controller. I have found that Big Lots carries lots of the accessories and some games at really cheap prices. Mario Kart is a really fun game - the kids love that one!
My mom and dad bought the system for the kids last year at Christmas. And then we asked other family members for games, accessories, etc.
Good luck.



answers from Nashville on

Well, we have the Wii and the Xbox 360. For christmas this year, we will be getting Kinect (which goes with Xbox 360). The Kinect is the newest technology out there right now. It comes out on Thursday. No controller, no nothing.......the Kinect uses 3 cameras that read your body movement. It's pretty nuts! LOL Anyway, my husband would say the Xbox 360 and after this Kinect, I will probably agree. =0) My family LOVES RockBand. We have the drums, 2 guitars, the mic/mic stand, stage lights and even the fog machine! RockBand 3 for Xbox 360 just came out and it has a keyboard! RockBand on the Xbox 360 is by far the BEST RockBand available. =0) The Wii is great too, tho. We have the Wii Fit as well. That is all fun too. It's really all about what your family would love the most. But, you should go out and check out some youtube videos about the Kinect! It sure looks FUN! Good luck on your decision. You really can't go wrong.......your kids will adore whichever one you pick.


answers from Philadelphia on

We got a wii 2 years ago for xmas, and then a PS3 for xmas last year. The PS3 is far better and we haven't touched the wii in a long time.

The PS3 has games for all ages, and has the PS3 move system which is pretty much the wii with a little better graphics.

It also has netflix, internet connection, facebook, and a blueray player... pretty much a one for all.

I just bought my nephew one for his birthday last week, it was $400.00 with one controller and an extended warranty. But right now they have the PS3 move bundle pack which is pretty good deal... check it out at www.gamestop.com and look under bundle packs.

wii is almost a waste of money at this point, they were great at first, but now that the other systems offer so much why waste your time and money with the wii?

Hope it helped


answers from Provo on

I'm not a big fan of the game systesm, but I am planning on getting me and my family one for christmas. Because it's not just a sit down for hours type games, but an interactive moving game. AND because I can watch netflix from it. I am thinking about a Playstation because of the blueray player with the internet connection so it will do it automatically, but I will get a new tv before I get that.



answers from Atlanta on

Hi, me and my husband own a video game store, the Nintendo Wii is a very good system for kids and adults. I would get one used, because used we sell them for 109.99 they come with one numchuck/ remote, all the hookups, and i sell it also with wii sports resort and a 90 day warranty. New they are 199.99 and a year warranty. also everything the used one comes with. i perfer the used due to price. Also games for the console are more geared for kids. Any midway game, or even animal crossing( most popular)
Also if you are looking for something they can take with them, you can look into a Nintendo DS Lite. Those are a portable gaming system thats great for kids. I have a 2 year old and we gave her a Nintendo SP so she can watch movies/ tv shows while were in the car.
if you have any questions, about pricing/ if your getting ripped off please email me at ____@____.com also you can check out our web store at www.ActionGameXchange.com
- Rachel

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