Snowsuit with Built in Feet and Mittens

Updated on January 04, 2017
F.B. asks from Kew Gardens, NY
7 answers

We're taking the family skiing and want to buy baby a snow suit with footies and built in mittens that will hold up to by cold. He's just one and walking. The suit will be worn for a week and maybe an occasional snow day or two this winter but not beyond.

I'd like to pay less than $50.

Not sure what to look for in terms of search terms. Snow suits don't seem to have footies. Buntings don't seem to be waterproof.

Thanks for your help

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answers from New York on

I'd check Once Upon a Child, thrift stores, and your local freecycle/craigslist for an item like this before I'd buy new. Lots of folks use these kind of baby items so rarely they are usually in really great shape. When you are done, please consider donating to a shelter or church for a needy family (my New Year's resolution - buy used when I can and donate to charity if in good shape).

Good luck!

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answers from New York on

I googled "baby snowsuit" and saw all kinds of cute stuff in your price range with attached hands/feet.

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answers from Portland on

I would check at thrift stores, etc. I bought some when my kids were babies off ebay.

You can get waterproof/windproof insulated ones with snap on mitts and booties. If he walks and uses boots, you can take the booties off. If he's simply sitting and will be carried around, keep the booties on. That's what we did.

We had LL Bean ones, Columbia, Lands End brands.



answers from Pittsburgh on

I think we got ours from baby gap.



answers from Oklahoma City on

Well, if he's walking and has a snowsuit on that goes down and covers his feet won't it get nasty and mucked up? Wouldn't he do better in some little snow boots?

I don't see what you mean about that. He's be dressed in normal clothes inside and not even have a snowsuit on so I assume you mean when he's out walking around outside.

We got zipped up the front cold weather stuff at Kid's R Us and Target and probably Walmart when ours were infants and toddlers.

Do you mean something like this? The ones I could google stopped around 9 months because I think they expect kids that age to be carried and not walking.


answers from Santa Fe on

Go on Ebay...I just looked and saw snowsuits for that age. Look for a trusted outdoor brand such as North Face. You may not find built in footies and mittens but this will give you a starting point. If he is walking you will want him to wear snow boots not built in booties. Mittens that are fleece lined and waterproof are the best. Don't bother with gloves because they are not as warm. Used is the way to go...ask around to see if any friends have one you can borrow if Ebay does not work out. Check local thrift stores as well.

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