Wondering Where to Get Good/cheap Snow Suits for Kids???

Updated on September 14, 2010
B.D. asks from Carmichael, CA
16 answers

Hey mamas! We were trying to plan a trip to take the kids to the snow next weekend and wanted to make sure they wore the proper clothes to keep them warm and dry. Not sure where to go to get these snow suits. And not really looking to pay a lot of money for something they might wear once or twice. Any ideas or suggetions where to go???

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answers from Sacramento on

I got my son's snowsuit at Target. I think it was like $15. It's not terribly thick, but it's watter proof and has the little ankles that tuck down into the boot inside the pants. We went sledding and he wore his footed pjs under the bibbed snowsuit and actually ended up asking to take off his coat because he was too warm.

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answers from Albuquerque on

You can find a lot of things like this used on Craigs List or at a local used children's clothing store!



answers from New York on

We were at the mall lastnight and Sears had snowsuits for about $20 - if my husband weren't w/me i would've stocked up for the next few years. I'm not sure all that they have on their website, but it may be worth a shot.

Good Luck & have fun!



answers from San Francisco on

You could also try the clearance section at Sports Authority. They usually have great deals on gear. My husband and I have bought $250 range Columbia jackets for $110.00 during christmas. At this time a year you should find great deals. Have fun. You must get a sled or two too, kids love sledding.



answers from Sacramento on

Target has snowsuits. Also, craigslist is a good place to look for used ones.



answers from New York on

I would check consignment shops in your area. You could also check any thrift stores, a salvation army store or a goodwill store.

If you can't find any snow suits, you could dress the kids up in layers, wearing thermal underwear and 2 pairs of thick sweatpants. Chances are the bottom layer will not get wet. Be sure to bring along a dry set of clothes just in case.

Don't forget boots, hats and gloves. Each child should have 2 pairs of gloves.

Have fun!



answers from Denver on

Check out The Children's Place, if you have one nearby. In my experience, most snow suits are alike, unless you go into the high end stuff. Layer up with long johns, and they should be warm enough. Most suits will keep them fairly dry. Have fun.



answers from Daytona Beach on

I bought a REALLY nice ski suit for my son size 5-6 on overstock.com for 40.00. It came with ski bibs not just pants. attached hood and really comfortable. good luck.



answers from Sacramento on

Thrift stores usually have a winter section and I usually see snow suits there. You have to dig and take your time though at thrift stores. How about a consignment shop? you may have better luck there.



answers from Washington DC on

I used to buy ski pants and snow suits at the Thriftstore. One time I found a pair of ski pants for 45 cents !!! They lasted 2 snowy winters and kept her dry while walking to school.



answers from Dothan on

Two weeks ago, I bought my son some snow pants and snow boots from an E-Bay auction (2 separate auctions). Both were very reasonably priced even with the shipping charge factored in.



answers from Sacramento on

I've seen snowsuits at Once Upon a Child



answers from Huntsville on

You don't have to have real special stuff. Layers is the key. My family makes a snow ski trip once a year (going this weekend actually!). I got my daughter some "bibs" and a Lands End coat from a consignment sale. When she outgrows it I'll resell it at the same sale.

We also got some tights for my daughter to wear. So, she will have tights, jeans, t-shirt or other thermal undershirt, a sweater, and her coat. Along with gloves & mittens, and a hat.

You might be able to find stuff on sale. There are several stores that select things on sale. Not sure if you have time to order something online, but you can check dealnews.com for sales & deals. Otherwise, check your local Dicks Sporting Goods, Sports Authority, etc for sales!

(I'm in Alabama, so I don't know what you have near you!)



answers from Sacramento on

Go to Kids Post Resale shop in Folsom..I just brought in my daughers snow suit that she only wore twice there....also they have stores in Fair Oaks and Placerville....the store in Fair Oaks is called Pixe Traders. Get there soon...I think they take down winter items in March....We also got thier snow gloves and snow boots therer as well.



answers from Sacramento on

Rather than just a snow suit, layer clothing... go buy them some things from a thrift store that are one size larger than they wear to put on over some of their current clothing, and top it with a good moisture resistant pants and top. Layering keeps a person warmer than one item of heavy clothing, plus you can then strip off layers easily as needed.


answers from Spokane on

Do you have a gently used children's clothes shop around you? That would be the place to start.

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