Winter Boys One Piece Footless Rompers. Where Can I Find Them

Updated on November 11, 2011
M.J. asks from Minneapolis, MN
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I found only 2 styles at Kohl's and one at Sams. I love these more for winter than anything, they are great to keep my little man warm as he wiggles out of his pants a lot. I looked at Walmart and Target and our stores dont carry them at all. They did for Summer I bought tons of summer rompers but I want long legged, NOT FOOTED, long sleeved Rompers, preferably NOT fleece but that can be overlooked. Any one see these anywhere recently? I looked at Gap and Gymboree but nothing is on sale in that dept.

He is 1 but fits into 18 months.

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So What Happened?

Price not an option but dont really want to pay like mega for one, I want to get a few, and since he is a destroyer of clothes its best I didnt pay like 30$ a piece. LOL

Thanks to everyones suggestions after some good searches I was able to find a Carters Outlet and I shopped for Osh Kosh brands and Kmart... found 7 that are not fleece and decently made I am so happy and cant wait to get him in them!! NO more pants that always come off!

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answers from Chicago on

How old is he? A baby, or older? If a baby, Target has footless thermal one-piece rompers from Gerber and from Circo (although I don't buy the Circo--they fall apart quickly).

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answers from Minneapolis on

I bought many at Carters and found several at local consignment stores like Once Upon a Child when my son was younger.

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answers from Washington DC on

I was just at the Carter's Outlet and for some reason I am thinking I saw snap/onesies like that there that were for the fall/winter time. Maybe Osh Kosh too. Have you tried to google your subject line? It may give you more stores that you weren't aware of if nothing else. Good luck!

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answers from Dallas on

Not sure your age of little guy or price point, but outside of Carter's (AWESOME!) you could try Kelly's Kids & Orient Expressed they carry longalls that are super comfy. Also google Petit Frere. They make some wonderful ones that are flannel on one side and reverse to courdoroy on the other.
I also have found rompers in a rugby stripe style at Ralph Lauren kids and outlets.



answers from Savannah on

We have one that is an Okie Dokie brand (JCPenney)



answers from Lincoln on

I used to love these when my son was little. I got a lot of them at JC Penneys



answers from Minneapolis on

I'd try Hanna Andersson.



answers from Norfolk on

I call these "the Holy Grail" of toddler-wear. I found some at Wal-Mart, some at Sams, I would also check Babies R Us and any department store that carries Carters. It is a quest, but I managed to find enough for my twins to hopefully make it through the cooler seasons. (Different Wal-Marts have different stock. Keep looking and you may have some luck.)



answers from Appleton on

Does Carter's have any? check online. I LOVED one piece footles rompers for my GIRLS and always had good luck with Carer's. If youdonn't have one by you, you can check online.


answers from Los Angeles on isn't cheap but they have them, very durable, you could pass them down.
Gap has a 30% off your entire purchase code good thru Sunday, 11/13, " GAPFRIENDS " Do a Google search and you may find the link to a printable in-store coupon for it if that's what you prefer.

Also check OshKosh and Carter's, I got oodles of rompers through them for my guy, they frequently run sales and their clothing lasts forever, too.

Oh, and overalls on backwards work great for wigglers and undressers and keep them warm.



answers from Waterloo on

I have a probably like eight of them that I would gladly sell to you in 18 monts size.a. I can ship them to you via USPS priority mail. I can do flat rate. So it would be shipping plus $2.50 a piece. How does that sound? Let me know. Send me a private messgae if you would like to purchase mine. I can also send pictures if you would like me too as well. So final price would be $20 for everything.



answers from Milwaukee on

I think places like Sears or Kmart has the kind that can to footed or not footed. Meaning that they can roll over the foot to make a bootie or not by staying cuffed.



answers from Victoria on

That really supprises me that Sam's only had one style!! We live in Texas and there are about five different styles for long sleeve one piece footless rompers! They are made of tshirt material. Some have a polo tshirt collar on them ! Prehaps it was too early in the winter season. Have you been recently??

Try resale shops. Also search again at target in the isle where they have the onsies folded up not hanging with all the other clothing.


answers from Dayton on

Carter's has a huge 2 tiered rack of them. Fleece and cotton. :)



answers from Duluth on

I don't know whether you're looking for indoor wear--like a romper to wear while playing inside--or outdoor wear, like a snowsuit but for a not-quite-a-baby-anymore. I have an indoor romper--long sleeve and long pants--that I just got at Target for my daughter. Depending on where you live, they may have been out earlier this season--we live in northern MN and I found mine a couple months ago. Now, they have fleecy three piece outfits out. For outdoor wear, I wouldn't be too quick to overlook fleece. Up where we live, LLBean's fleece outdoor rompers are kinda the gold standard for winter wear for not quite walkers. They have cuffs that roll over both hands and feet, so you could wear them with boots or without, with mittens or without. My daughter is 10 months but has been walking for about a month, so for now, we use the roll cuffs, but when she's a better walker (mid-winter) we can put her in boots, too. I figure that even with older brothers, she's not going to be outside in 10 degree weather THAT long that she needs something super dry and super insulated. We have good long johns for her and combined with the LLBean fleece and wool socks and a nice hat (with the hood), she'll be plenty warm for as long as her baby face can handle the cold!



answers from Des Moines on

Check the resale and thrift shops too! I hit the jackpot on them at DAV a couple of years ago. I used to love those because my son was all torso no legs and got all tangled and twisted in the footed ones. Thankfully he spent the summer growing LEGS, so now he's proportional, even if he did spend part of the fall in highwater pants until I caught up with him!



answers from Minneapolis on

I got this one at the Oshkosh B'Gosh outlet store in Alberville - though they are available online, too:

It's fleece, but not overly bulky. Love it! They've got others, too. I've been very happy with everything I've gotten at Oshkosh ~



answers from Madison on

Hi. I looked and looked for my kids and had very little luck for something affordable (rompers with long sleeve, long pants and no footies). Yes, you can try Hanna Anderson but they were more that I was willing to pay since they grow so fast. I only found a few during Fall and Spring. I found one at Target (Fall) and some at JCP (Spring). I ended up washing the 3 that I had just about every other day. Good luck.

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