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Updated on November 18, 2008
K.C. asks from Plano, TX
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A friend of mine has a Pomeranian that she can no longer keep. She is wanting to find some type of rescue center that will adopt the Pomeranian out to a good loving family. Does anyone know of a place? She really wants to stay away from SPCA or local shelters. Any suggestions would be wonderful.

K. C

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Hi K.! Is it a boy or a girl? What size? I can ask around if anyone is interested? We might be interested? Is the dog house trained? Up to date on shots? Healthy? If you don't mind me asking, why do they have to find a home for the dog? Thanks in advance...



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Please contact the rescue in austyn and do checks for other rescues in surrounding states. Most rescue have contacs all over and they often set up transportation when they can get the help. Austyn is usually not a problem to set up transpo for.



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I have a friend of a friend who's interested in helping. Her name is Love.

Love Frazar
OTRA verified Transport Coordinator
Saving Pyr's In Need



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She can take a look at the Petfinders web site under shelters. They post rescue organizations as well as shelters. You can look up by state or distance.

This is the only Pomeranian Rescue I saw on Petfinders in Texas. They are in Austin, but she could contact them to see if they work with dogs in other cities.
Ponderosa Pomeranian Rescue Inc
PO Box 1376
Round Rock, TX 78680 Fax: ###-###-####
E-mail: ____@____.com

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