Need Ideas for a Skateboarding Themed Room

Updated on May 04, 2012
B.D. asks from Augusta, GA
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My son has been doing very well in school this year. He is in accelerated reader and accelerated math. Hes in the first grade and now reads on a 2nd grade 4th month reading level (as of last report card several weeks ago) He will be tested for the gifted program this summer. Im very proud of him and wanted to reward him for this. I want to be as creative as possible with this. im getting my aunt to make a rob dyrdek blanket for his bed. he is his favorite pro skateboarder. he has several shows including a cartoon wild grinders (skateboarding) prob going to include that too. thinking skateboard shelves etc.i will prob have plain red sheets for his bed. you can message me here or if you have pictures you can email me at i cant wait to see his little face light up! :) thanks in advance everybody

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answers from Denver on

Target has Shawn White collection - the sheets are a great quality and decently priced. Target also has the skateboard shelf (the holder to place your skateboard on).

Amazon also has stickers (the peel and stick ones) of different skateboard moves.

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answers from Santa Fe on

My son has two giant wall stickers of silouettes of skateboarders in his room. They look cool. Another cool idea we may do one day is get old skateboard decks (no wheels) and use them as shelves on the wall for small things.

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answers from Kansas City on

hi BD, we got a skateboard ceiling fan for our son. He has skateboards all over his room as well. You could also pin up a cool skateboard shirt, and maybe suspend some skateboard shoes, tied together, hanging from a corner of the room. You can also get stickers at the skateboard shops and stick them on the wall or door.

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answers from Chicago on

There is a skateboard ceiling fan at either Home Depot or Menards. For shelves you can use skateboards, all size & colors. I'm sure it will turn out awesome.

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answers from Augusta on

You can decorate with the skateboard decks as a border or room accents. You can find some of dyrdek, Shane white, bam, tony hawk, ect on eBay and the hanging brackets too for very cheap. My son started with one and now has a pretty cool collection around his room

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