Science Theme for a Girls Room?

Updated on October 19, 2011
B.G. asks from Birmingham, AL
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I have a 6 1/2 year old girl that is not typical. Instead of being interested in princesses and Barbies, she's very interested in science. This is GREAT - I love it! My husband and I are thinking that a good Christmas present for her would be to redo her room in a science theme. The problem - how do we keep it girlie and do the science theme too? Her walls are pink and we won't be least that's not in the plan right now. Suggestions from any of you creative, do-it yourselfers is appreciated. She loves anything science - space, animals, bugs, dinosaurs, weather...........

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answers from St. Louis on

Hehe my daughter's walls are pink too. She has glow in the dark stars on her ceiling. You could arrange them into constellations.

Really earth science, meteorology, and astronomy are the only easy sciences to represent on a bed room wall. :)

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answers from Wichita Falls on

Pictures of flowers and bugs (the pretty ones) with their common and scientific names would be good. You can have them framed and placed strategically (flowers closer to the ground bugs flying in the air) like a scenery.

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answers from Seattle on

In addition to glow in the dark stars... theres REALLY COOL paper with holes that you can tape to the ceiling. Dab the holes with glow in the dark paint... and you have the REAL CONSTELLATIONS on the ceiling.

Periodic Chart on the wall in "girlie" colors (brown with pink numbers/letters/lines... you can make this out of posterboard and alphabet stickies of various sizes... or felt and satin)

"Warshack" on your computer portraits of famous scientists. Just use colors (like red and purple, pink & brown, etc.)

Wall decals in red or brown of some famous science quotes like:

"We are all connected;
To each other, biologically
To the earth, chemically
To the rest of the universe atomically"
- Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson

The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds new discoveries, is not 'Eureka!' (I found it!) but 'That's funny ...'
- Isaac Asimov


The atom (although there's a super cool atom poster in pink/red in the first link below)

EyeWitness & EyeWonder books often have pullout maps/posters
National Geographic & NatGeoKids often have pullout posters
Discovery, ditto

Moon Clock/Nightlight

REAL colors for things like dinosaurs and bugs and planets and other things. It will make them pop.

SHELVES!!!! For display items, like root view kits, and microscope,

Toys: from plushie microbes to NON toys like a telescope

And for KILLER AT HOME SCIENCE / great stuff to be working on (young scientists kits, great books, all age appropriate) check these guys out:

((It's nominally a christian company, but -from a science major- it is the BEST science on the market / there's no religion. The company just sorts everything out. The books are things like DK EyeWitness, and How Ben Franklin Stole Lightning, and Einstein, and, and, and. You can print out the reproduceable pages as well for at home experiments with the full on scientific method being the major theme - Observation, Question, Experiment, Hypothesis, Results...) GREAT science.

Why, when you're asking about room themes am I giving you links to science stuff? Because that's the BIG way you decorate her room. With her own interests and experiments and books

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answers from Austin on

Whatever you pick, try to just pick one. Keep it focused so it is not all over the board. Or as the mom suggested Botanicals and insects.. Space and space Travel, Oceanography and sea animals.

If you do not want to actually paint on the walls, find great photos or artwork and frame them using the same style frames and mats to give it unity. I have found some good things at the used book stores.. You can cut them out or make color copies.

Get a cork board and put a nicer frame on it. Have it the same color as the other frames.

Our daughter used to pick her bed linens and then work from that for the colors of her accessories. Her theme for her room was "Library." Lots of shelves. Lots of books on display. Her linens had Purples so she worked with Purples, Kelly Green and Dark Blues.

Or as the mom suggested Botanicals and insects.. Space and space Travel, Oceanography and sea animals.

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answers from Kansas City on

You get that nightlight that can project the constellation on her walls, or one of those that have star shaped holes, think there is a turtle, a tortoise and a dolphin - look at target.

Look on ebay for projector night lights - some to real life pictures and some do shapes, forming a constellation or stars in changing colors

Girlie colored Stethoscope toy with accessories is always a winner

Glow in the dark plannets and stars

you can try and turn her bed into a space ship somehow?

Bugs are cute too (but personally it would freak me out just a little).

Check out Sid the Science kid stuff. You might find interesting toys or ideas from that TV show.

Good luck and have fun with it.

A butterfly collection? That would be pretty?

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answers from Houston on

Her room can still be girly and science related. What a cute mix.

Any of these would look adorable on her walls, and they can come is lots of different colors too:

What about fluffy clouds over her bed like this? Easy, adorable, girly, sciencey.

You can have a natural history element, such as butterfly specimens in shadow boxes. Or seashells, nests, drift wood, branches, robin's eggs, rocks, crystals...

You can have a large framed map on the wall, or the periodic table of elements. Anything can be tied together in a pink room.

Some ideas of pink rooms with sophisticated elements, add a touch of science and done:

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answers from Phoenix on

My daughter had a space theme.......she loved it. We had it for about 3 years then moved to a jungle theme. We had deep blue on one wall with all the wallies for planets. But if you keep it pink.....find some cool pictures on the internet of saturn or other pink type planets, blow them up and frame them. You can do a mobile with foam balls.....painted and string with the wood stick X . You could add some space pillows on her bed . they have that fleece material that have stars that may be in pink that you can tie together for a comforter. It is endless of the ideas............... Glow in the dark stars......

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answers from Santa Fe on

That's so awesome. Your daughter is way cool! I love the suggestions too :)

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answers from New York on

I had glow in the dark stars until after college so definitely do that. You have gotten good suggestions already--space, animals, underwater, etc. What about painting only 1 wall for the theme?


answers from Los Angeles on

Both my kids' rooms have stick on Glow-in-the-Dark stars and constellations on their ceilings and walls...its amazing! I bought them each a hanging moon at Target that doubles as a night light, it has all the monks phases. Too cute!

Maybe something like that?



answers from Pittsburgh on

Actually it would be typical if they weren't all pressured into becoming pink barbie dolls. Why does her room need to be 'girly'? My son's room is not 'boy-y - wow, we don't even have a word for that. You could do pillows of dinosaurs, animals, space. There are wall decals (removable) with these themes as well - they are not a big long term commitment. She might love those glow in the dark stars/planets you stick on the ceiling. If you want to go a bit further - there are some great area rugs with dinosaurs and some with planets.

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