Looking for New OB/GYN - Oklahoma City,OK

Updated on January 14, 2008
D.G. asks from Oklahoma City, OK
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Hi everyone! I am looking for a new OB/GYN before it's time for baby #2. Our insurance has changed and my WONDERFUL doctor (Karen Wilks) doesn't take our new insurance. Does anyone have a great doctor they recommend? My favorite thing about Dr. Wilks is that she is very "go with the flow"...rest when you're tired, eat when you're hungry...And she always puts the baby's needs first...better safe than sorry kind of attitude when it comes to inducing and c-sections...Any suggestions would be great!! Thanks so much!

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I have been seeing Devin McAdams for over 6 years now. He is soooo awesome!! His number is ###-###-####. I am not sure what insurance he does and does not take. Good luck!!



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I agree with one of the other posters about Dr. Dobbins(female) in Mustang. But, if she is not in your area, or your insurance, Dr. Deiter, Dr. Rochelle Davis, Dr. Robinett, Dr. Appiah(female), and Dr. Brown are great too.I have worked with all of them and have the upmost respect for them. I love Dr. Anthony Jackson too, but his office is crazy. If you want more info, send me a message. There are a few that I would not recommend, but won't post them publicly since I work with them. Congtats btw too.



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Hi D.,

I also go to The Center for Womens Health and I see Dr Barki and I know Dr McAdams is also a part of that practice so they probably do not accept your new insurance either. My sister, mother, aunt, and good friend all go see Dr. Dean Carpenter (wish I had more info to send but I couldn't find any) and I think he is also located on Memorial Rd. Good Luck with Baby #2.



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I love Dr. Debra Huff. She is with Lakeside.



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In the Mustang/Yukon area, I'd suggest:
Lorri Dobbins, JD Lackey, Shawnaree Beeson, or Rachelle Davis. They are in the Integris hospital in Yukon. The hospital's main number ###-###-####) can get you their office phone numbers.

Next question: OBGYN In Yukon...Dobbins or Beeson?? or Dr. Hager?