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Need Advice on New Clothes Dryer.

We are looking at purchasing a new washer and dryer and any input would be ... I have used Maytag for the last 35 years and haven't had a minutes' worth of ...

New Mattress Flammability Standards

I was researching an old mattress that was given to us and found that as of July of this year there is a new mattress standard. Did any of you go buy new ...

Looking for a New Career

Looking for a New Career. I am looking to change my career. ... Forward 10+ years: Now, I am able to be SAHM and my Heart and rewards are priceless, ...

Lookng for a New Ob/gyn Affiliated with MGH

Read all 5 responses: "Hi, I am quite new to the Boston area and looking for a ... I delivered at Mass General ten years ago next month and had a fabulous ...

"Almost 3 Years Old Little Girl Wets Herself After Visit with Dad"

Sep 24, 2009 ... Read all 6 responses: "My soon to be 3 year old daughter have been ... There was a lot of change in his siblings, new stepdad, ...

Need a Good Vet for Our New Shelter Puppy!

Congratulations on the new puppy! Unfortunately I am very directionally ... Hi J .: I have a GREAT vet that I've used for 15 years, and I'd never go anywhere ...

Advice on Getting Leather Vs. Leatherette for a New Car

Mine is tan and I haven't had a problem with the color fading and the vehicle is 7 years old. Have fun with the new car! Helpful? ...

Need New Cookware

Mar 31, 2009 ... I have had mine for years and the coating is still like new. I switched from T- Fal because the coating didn't last. ...

Looking for a New Dentist: Redmond/Bellevue/Kirkland

My husband and I have been going to this dentist for 9+ years and we obviously ... There was a fire in his Kirkland office and his new office space is by ...

Need Advice Buying a New Vacuum Cleaner - Dyson or Kenmore? or Something Else?

Nov 2, 2009 ... It is light and quiet and the first vacuum I have owned for several years without buying a new one on a yearly basis. ...
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