How to Prevent Scarring from a Hot Oil Burn

Updated on June 29, 2008
K.H. asks from Allen, TX
7 answers

HI Moms. My son got a burn from a hibachi restaurant when hot oil splattered on the stove top. It hit him right between the eyes at the top of his nose. The scab came off today but it is very raw and red and the size of a pencil eraser. Any advice on how to prevent this from scarring and make it go away? Help. Thanks.

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my mom swears by vitamin E

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For less than 4 dollars I got some Vitamin E oil from Walmart and it has done wonders a burn my daughter got fathers day making daddy breakfast......

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Merderma for kids. I used it on my daughter after she had stitches on her forehead. You hardly see the scar. We still put it on her especially when she has a day that the look of it bothers her.


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I am a Vitamin E oil fan for scars. You can hardly tell I had a hysterectomy in 2002. I just had a minor (office) surgery on Monday and I was asking my surgeon, when do I start the vitamin E oil.

Along with the neosporin type ointments and when the burn is pretty much healed, begin the E oil. It helps a lot.




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I recommend vitiam E oil.That is what a plastic surgeon has me to use very soothing and painless and does the trick.



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I would try tea tree oil (melaleuca oil). I've used it several times and it takes the burning/stinging pain away and will take the redness away. It's also great with scars. Renew would help too. It's also good for alot of other things!!

Good luck!!




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I do know that Arbonne has a rejuvinating cream that a client of mine uses for her sons previously burned arm. She says its the only thing to keep it hydrated & has decreased scarring. It is fairly inexpensive & worth a try. I can have it shipped directly to you if you would like to try it. Arbonne has a 45 day money back guarantee!

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