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Hot Tubs and Pregnancy

If you feel really hot or your skin is getting red, it is time to get out. One of the things that feels best for early labor is a hot bath! :). Helpful? ...

Red Spot on My Sons Face

Read all 27 responses: "My 8 yr. old son recently has had a little red dot on his face. ... He recommended placeing a hot rag on it several times a week and ...

Can't Get Out Red Wine Stain

Read all 15 responses: "I got red wine on some pale pink pants Sat. and haven't ... try oxyclean. i got redwine out of a white shirt with it. soak it in hot ...

3 Year Old Colored Red Sharpie on White Cabinets!!! HELP!!

Then right before I put my son down for nap her grabbed a red sharpie off the ... it sit for a minute but all that did was fade it to hot pink and smear it! ...

Dip Idea's

Franks red hot sauce (to taste) (I like it hot!!!) celery sticks small slices of french bread (long and crispy on outside kind) ...

Pool Party Side Dishes

Most everyone likes 3 bean salad...wax beans, green beans and red kidney beans ... that would spoil within a few hours, so the hot weather won't affect it. ...

Do You Have a Great Salsa Canning Recipe?

LADLE hot salsa into hot jars leaving 1/2 inch headspace. Remove air bubbles. .... Next question: Hot Sauce Recipe ... red hot chili peppers · red hot chili ...

5 Yr Old with Hot Pink Lip Stick on Light Blue Carpet

It is hot pink (ya know the kids make up) I am affraid of getting it wet and not ... Just last week my freinds daughter colored the bathroom with red lip ...

Hot Ears

Does anyone have issues with their child or children having hot ears? My ten year-old-son's top part of the outer ears are occassionally bright red and hot ...

Red Rash on My Son!!

Nov 5, 2009 ... Read all 28 responses: "My son has had a persistent red "rash" on his upper ... Now, whenever he gets a little hot spot, I zap it with some ...
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