Exterior Door Installation

Updated on September 03, 2009
T.B. asks from Federal Way, WA
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We are going to replace our front door soon and we also are planning on retiling the entry way. Does anyone know which one should come first? Replace the front door the retile entryway or Tile the entryway first then have the front door installed? Thanks for your help! (we currently have an old ceramic tile that we will be replacing and it butts up against the door) thx

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answers from Seattle on

If you are replacing the tile it shouldn't matter - the end high should be consistent. If you are tiling over, i think i'd do that first, as the end height will change a bit.

(Although, that said, it occurs to me that doors come in standard sizes, unless you are getting one custom made (in which case ask your maker).)


answers from Seattle on

Hi T.,
If you have the luxury of leaving it a "little rough" while the project is going on, I would at least pull out the threshold (if that is going to be part of the project) and consider how close you want to run the tile up to whatever you're going to put in there. (So identify the threshold you'll use and how they work together.) If you're going to re-use the existing threshold and make the door fit to that, then nevermind but check out your new door to make sure what kind of threshold you'll need.
Good Luck!

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answers from Seattle on

Yeah, I talked to my husband too because he is general contractor/handyman and he said to replace the door first, you just want to make sure the door is at the right height for the tile and then the tile should butt up agaist the door right.

If you are looking for advice or a free estimate we are in the Snoqualmie Valley and my husband works jobs from North Bend to Bellevue. You can just email me and let me know, [email protected]____.com

I know that other lady offered help from her and her husband too, but I wasn't sure where you are or they, it seems that these "local" requests range all the way from Seattle to parts of Oregon!

Good Luck!



answers from Portland on

I am by all means no expert but we have been remodeling our house for some time, (hense the not expert part) but it would make sense to me to do the floor first and then the door. If you put the floor in afterwards you may not be able to make the adjustments for the door to open properly like what one gal said. Good Luck



answers from Seattle on

Hey T.,

I had to ask my hubby cause your question is up his ally and he said in most situations you would want to replace the door first. If this is not a DIY project and you are considering hiring a contractor give us a call. We run a small remodeling business, me doing the books, and my husband and 3 great guys doing the work. Check out www.jandmremodel.com. Justin would be more than happy to come out and provide you with an estimate. :)



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Tile first. Our neighbors down the street didn't, and now they can't open their front door at all--they've been going through the garage to get inside their house for months!

Once the tile is in right, then have the door installed so IT fits. Much easier to adjust/shave the door than lower tile (if that's even possible).

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