Drop Side Cribs Are They Just Trash?

Updated on November 24, 2010
A.S. asks from Eugene, OR
23 answers

I was thinking about selling my drop side crib. I had called to see if it was on any recall list. Simmons said wasn't on recall, but they don't recommend any drop side cribs. Do I just trash it? Is that what you are doing with all your drop side cribs?

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answers from Los Angeles on

yes trash! they're thinking of making drop side cribs illegal in the US b/c they're really dangerous. just toss it out.

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answers from Anchorage on

I used one, and would not have been able to use anything else, I am very short and if the side was not down I could not reach to put my baby in the crib!

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answers from Eugene on

I don't know why after using these cribs for nearly 80 years they are suddenly so dangerous for babies and toddlers. Our grandson found out how to climb and jump out of the Graco portable we used for him. (No drop sides) What child does not learn to climb?
Just put it up for sale. Some mother who was in one in her baby years will be glad to get it if it is not on recall. Say it was on recall in your Craigs list ad.

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answers from Dallas on

What's wrong with drop side cribs?? When you're short (like me) and you have a sleeping baby you need to be able to put the side down, otherwise you have to dump her in the crib. lol. I had no idea drop sides got such a bad wrap. I love ours.

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answers from Houston on

i sold mine, i never used it, the respondents to my ad were looking for drop side, post it on craigslist

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answers from Cleveland on

If drop sides are no longer recommended, what type of cribs are?

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answers from Atlanta on

Well my Grandfather bought me my drop side crib for me when I got pregnant with my twins and he died three years ago and it was the very last thing he bought for me before he passed so no way would I ever just throw it away. It survived my twins so it must not be that "dangerous" to use I guess. I just can't bring myself to throw it away or get rid of it-its the very last thing he bought and gave to me.

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answers from Seattle on

I sold ours and someone paid my asking price.
Why don't you put it out there and let a buyer make the decision of what they want or not.
I didn't really like the drop side crib and would not buy another one, but if we had planned another baby we would have used ours for number 2 as well.

I am very much not paranoid about it... more kids die each year in car accidents than in a drop side crib and we don't stop using cars....

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answers from Chicago on

It was just one year ago this month that I sold my drop-side crib to the local resale store and got $40 for it -- and they turned around and sold it for $80. Mine was never on a recall list. Depending on the quality of the crib, they are not trash at all!

But if things have changed that much since last year and you can't sell it, perhaps you can find a shelter or organization that needs it and will use it.

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answers from Washington DC on

I've been trying to figure out the same thing. I have a drop side crib that I want to get rid of and I've tried every charity and posted it on every list I could think of, including Freecycle. I'm not asking anything for it but I still can't get rid of it! No charity or shelter will accept a drop side, even one that hasn't been recalled. Not even when I tried to tell them it's perfectly fine as a toddler bed. It will break my heart to just toss it on the curb, but I'm afraid I may have no choice! I'll be interested to see if anyone here has any ideas.

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answers from Redding on

I had drop side cribs for both of my babies and never had any problems. My cribs were old though, and by old....I mean basically antique. My sister still has the crib she had for my nephew even though he's 19 now. It's the crib I used for my son. It's been handed down, let's put it that way.
She would never throw it out and I think my daughter will be using it for her baby due in May. Unless, she wants a brand new one. It's gorgeous....no way it's getting thrown out.
It will be interesting to see your responses on this subject.
My niece has drop side cribs for her twins who are still crib size.

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answers from Phoenix on

I donated my old drop-side to my MIL because the flimsy "drop" rail broke like a twig when my husband leaned on it too hard. She keeps it at her house to use as a toddler bed (which is what most cribs are designed to convert to) for when the kids sleep over.

*and by toddler bed, I mean basically a crib with the front rail removed*



answers from New York on

We wound up throwing ours away as it was one of the ones that was recalled (Delta Enterprises) although we never had a problem and it worked fine for us.



answers from Kansas City on

My son is still in his, but I was just thinking about this tonight while cleaning up his room! I too wondered what should be done with it. His wasn't recalled either, but people probably aren't going to want it! I don't actually use the drop part, but I suppose that doesn't really matter. I guess I would call and see if a shelter would take it, but the only problem I have with that is that you don't want to give something potentially dangerous to a charity...so...I don't know either!



answers from Gainesville on

Basically all drop side cribs will be "recalled". They will no longer be manufactured period. Daycares, etc will no longer be allowed to use drop side cribs.

I would call again and ask if they have a kit that will adapt the crib so it can no longer be a drop side. I'm giving my crib to my bil & sil but waited till I got the adapter set before I give it to them.



answers from Topeka on

Trash it..I never wanted a drop side crib because they are dangerous it may not be recalled yet but I bet you it will in the future..They already told you it's not recommended what does that say



answers from Fort Wayne on

List it on Craigslist or freecycle. If you list it on Freecycle, you can't get any money out of it, but you'd be helping out a family in need.

Margaret--The only cribs that are recommended are fixed side cribs. The side doesn't move up and down like in a drop side crib.


answers from Seattle on

Perhaps it can be repurposed somehow? For instance, I hold a twice yearly children's consignment sale event in the Seattle area and need to create a display to put crib mobiles on during the Sale.

For anyone in the South Seattle area that has a drop sided crib they would like to get rid of, I would be willing to trade a $20 JBF Gift Certificate for you to shop at our Spring Sale and I will come pick it up from you!

Please let me know if you have a crib that you'd like to move along. (We will break it into 4 panels, so it doesn't have to be in perfect condition.)

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Just Between Friends of Seattle
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answers from Provo on

After my son is done with his dropside I'm going to insist to my sister (it's actually her crib that was recalled, we got the repair kit thing) that she either donates it to a womens shelter or give it away to a family in need. You see a lot of them on freecycle.org.
Maybe at a shelter you could get a receipt and get a tax write off?



answers from Portland on

Why don't you donate it? I'm sure someone NEEDS a crib and cannot afford to one. There are drop side concerns and they are valid, however, it might be better than nothing for someone else. Or someone might be able to use it as the toddler bed if it's a convertible.

Good luck!



answers from Seattle on

I have a drop side crib and looked at the fixes that were offered by manufacturers for their recalls. The one for my crib was sending new brackets out, so the drop side cannot be dropped. So, it didn't mean my entire crib was junk, it just needs a part to make it fixed.

I would hesitate in donating a product you know is potentially dangerous to someone in need. Simply because they need a crib does not mean they want a dangerous crib. Please make sure to only donate safe items.



answers from New York on

I wish I had gotten a drop side crib for my neice. Her mom is really short and has to sort of dump the baby in the crib. Don't panic baby is 11 months, crawls and walks but is really short too hence the dumping but you can't raise the mattress because baby would end up on the floor.

If I was having a baby I would definitely opt for a drop side crib.



answers from Seattle on

If the crib is sturdy wood, you can fasten the side of the crib in the high position with screws/brackets/fasteners (not nails) to make it stays in place. (Look at how the other side is constructed and make sure it is secure on all sides, and only do this if you understand construciton methods).

Ours was drop side but not recalled, our friends we lent it to are still using it, and I would use it again. The track and locking mechanism are quite strong. Some aren't tho. If you do choose to give/sell it, i would make sure to provide the manufacturer info/model number, etc. in case something was found wrong with it later. and i wouldnt give/sell anything i wouldnt put my own child in.

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