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I Don't Want My Baby Going over to the In-laws That Wrong?

A.P. asks from Dallas

I guess I just need some is the story: My baby boy is 5 months old now, and in that time span, my mother in law has only visited him once with...


Exzema or Milk Allergy

K.V. asks from Richland

I tool my 3 month old son to the pediatrician this week due to a severe rash on his face. The doc said that it might be exzema or a milk allergy. I am currently breas...



M.B. asks from St. Louis

My 3 year old has eczema and it is horrible. We are currently waiting to see our 3rd dermatologist. We have tried several different ointments that dont help, they u...


Looking for Help with Daughter's Eczema

K.S. asks from Detroit

My daughter has recently been diagnosised with eczema. The cream her pediatrician gave us initially helped some, but it hasn't completely gone away. I am looking fo...


Eczema Driving Me CRAZY!

L.H. asks from Dallas

Hi moms,, I have always and forever had super sensitive skin. I have dealt with break outs and eczema my whole life! UGH! Lately, my eczema (on my face) has been ...


How Do I Get Rid of Eczema!!!

P.M. asks from Atlanta

I have 3 children under two. they all get eczema. every couple of months its back. my two year olds get it mostly on their backs and chests and rear end. and my 11 mo...


Looking to Do an Elimination Diet for Breastfed Son with Eczema

J.K. asks from Chicago

My son is 5 months old, is exclusively breastfed and has eczema. I'd like to identify (hopefully) foods I eat that cause his eczema. Does anyone have a recommendati...


Gastrointestinal Issues

J.C. asks from San Francisco

Our 4-yr-old has been having gastointestinal issues, pretty much since birth. We've been to allergists etc and have had little success figuring out the problem. He ha...


Advice on Eczema

K.S. asks from Atlanta

Hi ladies. My son was diagnosed with eczema today, after battling rashes and sniffling for a couple of weeks. I was given a prescription for ointment and told to u...


In-laws Want to Bring Dog When Come to Visit - Allergic!

S.M. asks from Milwaukee

My mother-in-law's response to some of my requests has been very stressful for me. My 1 year old son has multiple allergies and eczema. I have requested that, when my...

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