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When Do You Stop Saving Your Child's Clothing?

K.J. asks from Nashville

Hi moms! I was wondering when you stopped packing up and saving your child's clothes for the next baby. I have a little girl who is 17 months old. I have most of t...


JFF - Your Children and Fashion

J.S. asks from Phoenix

At what age did you start having your kids pick out their clothes each morning for school? When they pick something out that clearly doesn't match, do you say someth...



N.C. asks from Portland

Are any moms familiar with shelters I can donate clothes and toys to? I have five 33 gallon trash bags full of clothes and toys and I would hate to throw them away. I...


Ladies How Do You Feel About Men Being Able To...

G.D. asks from Atlanta

Okay...my housband take my daughter shopping for clothes regularly. So the other day he was in jc penny and he went to take her to the dressing room to try on her dre...


Shopping - Ladies with (Non-preggo) Bellies!

L.R. asks from Houston

Hi ladies - Looking for suggestions on where you buy clothes if you are waist challenged. I had my last baby 4 years ago - and while the extra pounds are mostly g...


Looking for a Mom in Need of Size 4-6 Clothes/8 Shoes

W.T. asks from Austin

I have lots of pretty clothes and shoes...mostly casual but some outfits that are a bit dressy ~ both for summer and winter. I am 125-5'7". I would love to hear if ...


How Do You Sell Your Stuff?

M.J. asks from Chicago

I know that many people sell there unwanted items through Craigslist or Ebay but does anyone else know of another way (besides those or a garage sale) to sell items t...


A Good Place to Donate..

J.M. asks from Seattle

I am looking for a place to donate complete bedding sets that would benefit a womens shelter or for transitional housing. I have a full nursery set that is a neutral...


I Can't Be the Only one...with Tiny Feet

B.R. asks from Madison

I have exhausted all the store options locally and I find that no one carries womens size 5.5 shoe. Seriously no one carries them locally (small town...target, sears,...


Need Help Before I Go Crazy

T.R. asks from Pocatello

I'm dating a photographer, he likes to shoot per say capture womens beauty thru the lens he said.. obviously he knows where I stand with it. I'm ok with him doing sho...

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