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Feminine Hygiene for Preteens - Product Recommendations?

K.B. asks from Salt Lake City

My 10-year-old just got her period. She's a small girl, I'd say average height-weight for her age, maybe even below average. All the pads seem so oversized and bulky...


Blue Cheese Dressing Recipe

A.W. asks from Chicago

I need an awesome blue cheese dressing recipe for hot wings. I'm making it to send with my fiance to a Superbowel party. Does anyone have a recipe? Thanks!


I Think My Kiddo Has Head Lice

S.C. asks from Milwaukee

Over a month ago I saw a small bug in my daughter's hair. It was black w/ clear wings. I took it out and squished it. Yesterday my cousin tells me that she got her...


Teen Period Advice

K.M. asks from Seattle

Our 13 year old daughter has been having periods since November 2007 and seems to handle them well. This is the first weekend that I've experienced it with her and I ...


Seeking Idea for 18 Yr Old Daughters B-day Gift

L.H. asks from Cincinnati

Hello ladies. I've always gotten alot of excellent support and ideas from all of you and am needing your ideas once again! My oldest daughter will be 18 soon and I fo...


Weird Ants and Pencil on

M.W. asks from Joplin

Ok I live in a really nice apartment complex side by side apartments so some things I cant do such as painting. So I found my 2 yr old had taken a pencil to the bedro...


Son Riding with Friends

T.G. asks from Rocky Mount

I am a the mother of a wonderful 14 year old boy. He has really come out of his shell the last year and is Mr. Popularity, has a ton of friends. He has however also b...


I Am Looking for a Good Place for Swim Lessons in Plano Area

A.C. asks from Dallas

My son will be 4 this month. We have a pool and have just been teaching him ourselves last summer. He is definitely comfortable in the water, kicks his feet and att...


Seeking Advice About Keeping Toddler Safe at Pool

L.L. asks from Kansas City

Last Summer, I took my young son to the pool alot, but he could not walk yet so it was easy to keep him safe. I just help him the entire time. This year, he is almost...


How Do You Include Older Siblings in Lil Kiddo's Birthday Party???

E.L. asks from Chicago

Ok, so my daughter turns 3 in May and I'm thinking about having a theme "fairy" party. I've got several things in mind...a friend who has volunteered to be the "Fair...

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  • sounds like carpenter ants in 3 answers "Also the ants with wings, sounds like carpenter ants...Ususally spraying does work ..."
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