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Solid Foods Finger Foods "Real Foods"

E.A. asks from El Paso

Hi my daughter is almost 7 months and i already feed her stage 2 foods both fruits and veggies but I want a bigger variety she reaches for our plates when anyone is e...


No Table Foods?

S.W. asks from Austin

My 16 month old son refuses to eat table foods. He'll eat crackers and maybe som oat meal (if he's in the mood), cashews and dried fruit. But that's it. He's only in ...


Pennsylvania Foods

M.C. asks from Detroit

My son has to do a school project on Pennsylvania. So far, we are having a blast learning together about this wonderful state. My problem is that I have to bring a ...


Whole Milk or Organic Whole Milk for My Baby?

S.T. asks from New York

Hello All, My baby is turning 11 months this 15th. just wanted to know which milk should i introduce. Should it be whole milk (the one with 12% fat) or some other mi...


Finger Foods

M.N. asks from Fargo

OK Mama's I need some ideas. My almost 10mo DD will not eat anything that has to be fed to her. I need ideas on what to feed her for healthy filling finger foods. ...


Finger Foods!

T.P. asks from Daytona Beach

Hey all...I was hoping for some finger food ideas. My son is 10 months old and is not often interested in being spoon fed...he'd rather feed himself and when we do sp...


Solid Foods

B.B. asks from Phoenix

Hello ladies! I have had the worst time trying to get my premature daughter who is 9 mo. old (but 7 mo adjusted)to eat solids. About a month ago I started her on oran...


Finger Foods

B.P. asks from Orlando

Good evening Mommies! I actually feel stupid for asking this question because I really should know the answer but here it goes...Teagen in almost 9 months now and he...


Info on Feeding 6 Month Old Whole Foods

L.P. asks from Minneapolis

I am looking into starting my 6 month old on solid foods. I have done some research and have decided that I would like to start her out on vegetables first. I don't...


Whole Milk Yogurt?

S.P. asks from Philadelphia

Hi Mom's Is there such thing as whole milk yogurt? If so, brand and store you buy it would be great to know! Thanks Moms!

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