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Question About Whole Milk

K.H. asks from Miami

My daughter is 8 months old and has been eating pureed foods for the past 2 months. I make cornmeal porridge and mashed potatoes for my son, and would like to begin ...


Switching from Formula to Whole Milk

T.O. asks from Eau Claire

can i give her whole milk before a year or do i have to wait


From Formula to Whole Milk

A.W. asks from San Francisco

Hi mamas: My son just turned one and we are starting to transition him from formula to whole milk. I was wondering how I can store the milk while we are out and abou...


Where Can I Buy Whole Wheat?

S. asks from Houston

Hi, I purchased a grain mill to grind my own wheat to make homebaked whole wheat bread. Does anybody know where can I buy 50 lb. bags of Whole Wheat? Thank you!


Not a Whole Milk Drinker

V.H. asks from Bismarck

My 12 month daughter has a strong dislike for whole milk. She will eat cheese and yogurt but protests every time I bring any whole milk to her. She has been a very ...


Migraine and Grocery Store

L.B. asks from New York

After keeping a migraine diary for a few weeks, I noticed that whenever I go to the grocery store and spend long enough in there to get my weeky order, by the time I ...


Seeking Farmers Market, Gourmet Grocery Store or Even a Wild Oats or Whole Food

R.A. asks from Omaha

I am looking for a store where I can get fresh organic produce and food stuffs and also a place that may have more gourmet type ingrediants than a regular grocery has...


Who Gives Their Toddler Whole Milk?

M.U. asks from Tampa

My son is 27 months old and from everything I read, I should have switched from whole to low-fat milk when he turned 2. However, he has always been on the lower end o...


Whole Milk and Diaper Rash

L.G. asks from Chicago

My 12 month old baby seems to be getting a diaper rash from starting on whole milk. Has anyone experienced this? She has had dairy since 9 months (yogurt and cheese)...


When to Start Whole Milk

J.D. asks from Kokomo

My ten month old has been on Enfamil his whole life. However it is starting to look like he may be ready for a change. He loves his baby food, and sometimes refuses...

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  • bovine growth hormone in 2 answers "... to be better for what it DOESN'T have, namely antibiotics, bovine growth hormone ..."
  • wild oats at village in 3 answers "... downtown in the Old Market every Saturday & also in front of Wild Oats @ Village ..."
  • 2 percent or 1 percent in 2 answers "... for 5 years and MOST parents switched their kids straight to either 2% or 1% ..."
  • still drinks whole milk in 4 answers "... daughter whole milk her whole life, she's now grown and still drinks whole milk ..."
  • stayed on whole milk till in 2 answers "We stayed on whole milk till my son was about 4 yrs old."