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Do You Know a Place Called "First Vu Imaging" in Plano?

J.G. asks from Dallas

Hi, I'm thinking about having a 3D ultrasound and I heard of this place called "First Vu Imaging" in Plano, do any of you ladies knows the place? have you been to thi...


Any Experience with Kidney Reflux? Plano Pediatric Imaging for Tests?

C.E. asks from Dallas

Hey Mamas. I have 2 questions for you. My daughter (15 months) has to have a renal ultrasound and a VCUG to test her kidneys. She had a UTI last week and a 104 fever ...


3-D/4-D Ultrasound

S.S. asks from Houston

I have come across ads for a 4D ultrasound. The image looks to be so clear and you can actualyy see facial features. Has anyone had this done? I had my ultrasound in ...


Renal Ultrasound

B.M. asks from Phoenix

My daughter had a uti that has been cleared up with antibiotics. Her doctor is recommending that she have a renal ultrasound performed to make sure everything is ok....


3D Ultrasound

L.H. asks from Phoenix

does anyone know where in the east valley one can get a 3D ultrasound and around how much that costs? for those who have done it, is it worth the price? (i am assumin...


Ultrasound Accuracy.............

K.S. asks from Portland

Hi everyone, ok some of you have got to be dealing with what i am right now. i am 19 weeks into my 2nd pregnancy and i had my ultrasound last Thursday. According t...


Anyone Have a Transvaginal Ultrasound Done?

J.W. asks from Washington DC

It is my second pregnancy and the OBGYN wants to do a Transvaginal Ultrasound. We have different insurance from the first baby and they do things differently. I never...


Seeking Advise on Having an Ultrasound

C.W. asks from Los Angeles

I am pregnant (about 8 weeks) and have heard that there are some dangers to having an ultrasound. I am not sure if I will need one, but if I do or if my Dr. feels I s...


Ultrasound Needed After Mammogram?

B.C. asks from Minneapolis

Just wondering if those of you who are getting regular mammograms and have been identified as having "dense" breasts also routinely request a follow-up ultrasound. I...


Normal Ultrasound Timeline

L.B. asks from Denver

I am 14 weeks and had a very dissapointing visit to my doctor recently. I was told by a lot of people that I should get an ultrasound or at least hear the heartbeat a...

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