sitting up while sleeping

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My Baby Always Smiles While Nursing

And I would love for him to start sleeping for longer stretches at night. .... Some times, I was sitting up breastfeeding with a lighter-weight fabric ...

Answers/suggestions to Help My Baby's Sleeping Problem

It could also be her tummy that's in pain, and being more curled up or sitting feels better. Is she on formula or are you breast feeding? ...

Not Sleeping Due to Learning How to Stand in Her Crib - HELP!

There is no way to keep her from standing up or sitting up. .... worked but while the novelty was there it was hard to get her not to pull up and jump etc. ...

One Year Old Who Keeps Standing up in Crib

He would fall asleep sitting up in his was so sad. .... Now he'll play for a little while, but he goes to sleep pretty easily. ... Next question: Not Sleeping Due to Learning How to Stand in Her Crib - HELP! ...

10 Month Old Waking up During the Night

When she wakes up she is always crying sitting upright in her crib. ... I gradually started to get away from that by holding him for while then putting him in .... 7 Month NOW Having Trouble Falling Asleep and Sleeping Thru the Night. ...

7 Month Old Nap Issues

He has just mastered going from laying down on his tummy to sitting up and is ... him practice sitting up and crawling as much as possible while he is awake. ... I think it is important to learn that nap time is not only about sleeping. ...

Co-Sleeping Issue

I don't usually roll over while sleeping. I do change from one side to the other .... Now I just nurse her in bed (sitting up, propped up with one of those ...

Crib Mobiles

Theoretically babies may start pulling themselves up and sitting up soon so they ... While it didn't necessarily help her go to sleep, I'm sure you realize the .... all loathed spending any time in the crib when they weren't sleeping. ...

Having Trouble Sleeping, Need Advice

It sounds weird but try sitting a sort of reclining position. I had a really hard time breathing with my .... Seeking Help Sleeping While Pregnant. ...

Getting a Flat Head from Sleeping on His Back

My youngest son had it till he started sitting up more. ..... to wear it for a long time, and it took quite a while to get used to sleeping in it for him. ...
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