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Mom Seeking Advice on How to Deal with Daycare Situation

Your beef is not with the daycare it's with the school district and bus driver. ... And, if you pay for school bus service, ask for a refund. Good luck ...

Starting School in the Fall

Didn't stop me from crying when he went off on the bus to school. Now he is in 1st grade and I still cry at every school play or parent teacher confrence. ...

School Field Trip

Read all 64 responses: "My 2nd grader wants to go on a field trip with his class tomorrow. But the class is taking a school bus to get to the destination.

How Do You Feel Your Child Is Safe on School Field Trips??

I wouldn't be allowed to ride on the bus because the school district does not allow parents to ride the bus and I also have two younger children which would ...


My son is having issues with a bully on the school bus. .... The next time it happened several boys ganged up on him on the school bus. ...

Needed: Afternoon Pick-up/Drop-off at Beaty ECS in Plano 3X/week

It's only one block, but the school bus system won't pickup/dropoff to his daycare. Also, because my husbands schedule changes, he would be able to drop him ...

What Would You Do If This Happened to Your Child?

Honestly we aren't going to have our children ride the school bus 'cause of .... If the school or bus company doesn't do anything I would go to the news. ...

Need Help!!!!

my two year old son starts school in a few weeks. he will be attending a real school and ride the bus to and from school. the class he will be attending is ...

16Yr Old Stepson Refuses to Do School Work; Dad Is Lienient; Stepmom FRUSTRATED.

Our oldest has had a difficult time with this since he used to play his DS on the school bus, which all of his friends do. ...

Having Transportation Problems with Preschool

22 Sep 2009 ... I am a school bus driver and drove ECE routesfor K and under you CAN DEMAND A HOUSE STOP Start with the transportation director of the ...
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