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Please Help Me!

One thing I would suggest if you want/need him to ride the bus is to get to know your bus driver. My father has driven school bus for over 20 years and he ...

Trouble with Bullies

What we decided to do the principal, bus driver and myself was buddie him up with a high school boy. I don't know if this is possiable for you but it worked ...

Son Is Getting Hit On

I would talk to the school and the bus driver. Bus violence can be really serious. If the problem persists, can you drive him to school? Helpful? ...

8 Year Old That Will Not Ride the Bus

If so assure him his teacher will insure he gets on the right bus and the bus driver will know where he should get off. He is probably familar with his ...

Mom Seeking Help W/ 2 Yr Old Wanting to Go to School, but Can't Afford to Send.

It was the best feeling for me as a school age child to have my own personal school at home since the school bus did not have a reliable bus driver to pick ...

Kindergarten Student on Bus for Almost 2 Hours.

Most schools have a policy that the ACTUAL driver has to call every family on the bus route before school starts (usually a few days ahead)and let them know ...

Please Help!!

Do you have children who ride the school bus? If you do then PLEASE READ. ... After all it was not to long ago the news showed a bus driver shaking a child. ...


As a former bus driver I know that going to the school has minimal effect. But go to the bus barn and explain the situation to the manager or driver or even ...

1St Time on Bus

Kindergarten is the best time for the bus. It's all so new and cool. If you're really concerned, talk to your driver. My mom drives school bus and has for ...

What to Do About the School Cutoff for a Soon to Be 3Year Old.

My son's birthday is 11/26 and we opted to put him in private school because the cutoff was December 1st. ... After School Program · school bus driver ...
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  • tell the bus driver in 2 answers "An it was a 6 grader..Ur son needs to tell the bus driver when he is gettin off, about ..."
  • kicked off the bus in 2 answers "They have cameras in the bus and that boy was kicked off the bus."
  • removed from the bus in 2 answers "The bully should be the one removed from the bus instead of you pulling your son off ..."
  • bus driver in 4 answers "Get to know your bus driver."
  • gets on the right bus in 2 answers "... & staff at the school can help him out & make sure he gets on the right bus."