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Diaper Rash

Bad rashes that don't respond to reg diaper rash cream are usually yeast rashes. As a previous poster said, Lotrimin or any antifungal cream (like you will ...

Diaper Creams and Cloth Diapers

She has a little diaper rash and a couple of sores around her anus. I am giving her air out time but I am wondering if there are any creams I could use that ...

Diaper Rash

If you don't like the smell then Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Diaper Rash Cream works really well too. Make sure you don't scimp on the cream if there isn't ...

Advice on Almost 15Month Old's Rash

I was thinking it could be a yeast infection or just a rash? I am very unsure about it I should keep using diaper rash cream or if I should keep the area as ...

Rash Around Mouth from Drooling

Read all 17 responses: "Hi all, My 6 month old son has a red rash around his ... I also had that Weleda's Calendula baby cream and it really did help with ...

Diaper Rash

Once he's cleared up and looks like he's done I still put Vaseline or diaper rash cream on my guy as a barrier for a couple days after just to make sure the ...

Diaper Rash vs Yeast Infection

The Dr prescribed a special Diaper rash cream, ... A&D cream and diaper rash medicine. And then the trick is to keep her dry as much as possible. ...

Diaper Rash Advice

Desitin made the rash worse, I think because the cream kept the heat in. ... It's a diaper rash cream by Arbonne. If you would like I can tell you more ...

My 4 Year Old Daughter Has a Rash with Raised Bumps on Her Bottom.

It could be diaper rash. If you rule out a virus, try using diaper creme or after bath letting the air on .... best for diaper rash · best diaper rash cream ...

Bad Diaper Rash While Taking Antibiotics !!

In the meantime, when my kids have had bad diaper rash, my pediatrician recommended doing this: First put on a ton of diaper rash cream. ...
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