Diaper Creams and Cloth Diapers

Updated on March 18, 2010
M.W. asks from Holly Springs, NC
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I am cloth diaper my second child, who is 3 weeks old. She has a little diaper rash and a couple of sores around her anus. I am giving her air out time but I am wondering if there are any creams I could use that would not effect the cloth diapers absorbency.

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answers from Raleigh on


Although I didn't use cloth diapers, I found that using powder to dry out the rash first, then a cream after a couple of days worked tremendously. we used baby gold bond with cornstarch.



answers from Jacksonville on

Do you think the rash and sores are related to yeast? My son has a yeast infection down there after being on antibiotics. I put infant probiotics in a powdered form directly on the area and it helped tremendously. Probiotics is just "good, friendly bacteria" that helps drown out any "bad bacteria". I use "Udo's Choice Infant Blend Probiotics". I also give him a 1/2 tsp. per day in water or milk simply to keep up his immune system and to promote good digestion.

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answers from Raleigh on

Sit her little bottom in warm water with baking soda. Works wonders.

Also, if you are breast feeding, breast milk is a magic cure-all for rashes, cuts, scrapes etc.. Just express some & blot it on with a cotton ball or simply squirt it right on the irritated area.

May sound crazy, but it works.




answers from Louisville on

Arbonne International has a great baby line that is amazing. It absorbs into the skin quickly so you don't lose half of it in the diaper. No mineral oil so it's super healthy. i only use it on my son. My consultants website is www.valeriehampton.myarbonne.com if you want to contact her.



answers from Jacksonville on

Lansinoh (breast cream) is great for diaper rash. Perhaps you have some left from the hospital?



answers from Wilmington on

I used cloth diapers with my son too. I kept some disposables on hand as well though, which I used occasionally... if we were on a road trip, for instance. On the rare occasions that he got diaper rash, I used disposables with the diaper rash ointment, and then switched back to cloth as soon as the rash was gone. To me that was much easier than worrying about messing up the expensive cloth diapers with ointment.
The ointment we used was called Aquaphor, and that stuff is magic! You can get it in the baby aisle, but you can also generally find it in the regular skincare aisle much cheaper. I bought a small tub of it about 3 years ago and it's still about 1/2 full... it's great for all kinds of cuts, scrapes, chapped skin, etc.
Good luck to you, and good for you for doing cloth diapers!



answers from Nashville on

not sure about absorbency but I know Butt Paste and Triple Sec are really good and I don't think they mess w/ absorbency. They are a white creamy substance and work great on sores....letting her air out is best too.



answers from Greenville on

Hi M.,

Most creams and ointments are going to damage cloth diapers by way of clogging the fabric and making them waterproof, causing leaks. When my two children had rashes I'd put the cream on their bottoms and use a cloth wipe or fleece liner between their bottom and the cloth diaper. Good luck! You're welcome to join www.naturalmamas.com to ask for more advice regarding cloth diapering.

Best wishes,



answers from Nashville on

Bohdi's balm from www.jilliansdrawers.com is good for cloth. You can use a disposable liner, like imse vimse liners or bum genius liners. You can try putting dry powdered acidophulus on, if its a yeasty rash.



answers from Lexington on

How about Desitin?



answers from Raleigh on

after she airs out, try using Da Balm from www.sarah-noelle.com. It' shand made by a lady in Cary NC. It's made of honey, beeswax and olive oil. It's a really good barrier cream because it doesn't absorb into diapers and it doesn't wipe off easily. She's also got a lot of other hand-made, all natural skin care things. it's pretty cool :) my neice has eczema and some of the oatmeal masks/scrubs work well for that as well. (Maybe even a treat for mommy too :)

good luck!!!! those little bottoms go through so much!



answers from Raleigh on

Urine is acidic and will irritate her rash.

Diaper creams provide a barrier between her raw bottom and the cloth diaper that rubs her raw bottom.

Put a dab on each sore and on the rash. I always had good results with regular A&D (in the yellow/white packaging) for normal use and A&D with zinc oxide for the worse rashes (in blue/white packaging).

Also I had very good luck using gold bond powder (just a sprinkle or two) to help keep the moisture away from my son's bottom.

My mom used cloth diapers on all of her kids and used A&D or Desitin and the diapers were not ruined. In fact, she used the SAME diapers on me, my sister (6 years younger) and my brother and neice (8 years younger than me). She washed them at home though and didn't use a service so I don't know if that had anything to do with it.



answers from Knoxville on

I always used Desitin. We had cloth diapers. We washed them ourselves, not a diaper service. I am not sure if that makes a difference.



answers from Asheville on

Weleda cream with calendula is the best for diaper rash.



answers from Jacksonville on

We had cloth too and I always used just Desitin.



answers from Chattanooga on

Lanolin, like the stuff you put on your nipples while your breastfeeding. Works great and will wash right out of cloth diapers with no problem and will not clog the diapers. Use it for my son, and we use cloth.



answers from Columbus on

My mom bought us a tube of Pinxav and it is the best thing ever. She used it on us when we were kids as well. It works super quickly. When my son looks like he's getting a little bit of diaper rash I put it on at each diaper change for a day and it's gone. We have also used it for a rash my son got under his chubby chin. I think the main ingredient is zinc, but I would recommend getting this brand, not one which just says it contains zinc. Only downfall, it actually IS pink and it stains. Here's the website for it: http://www.pinxav.com/



answers from Charleston on

You have to watch out with products like desitin using cloth diapers cause it can affect the absorbancy and you will have to strip the diapers when you wash them. Ive been told that zinc oxide can ruin cloth diapers. I only use corn starch or when its bad I switch to disposable diapers for a short while. You can find great info at www.diaperswappers.com there is a forum you can ask this very question on and you will get tons of responses from people who have been CDing for years and from people who actually make CD.


answers from Raleigh on

You can use anything that doesnt contain zinc. You can also use zinc and then strip your diapers by washing them with white vinegar after the rash goes away. The Diapering Doula in Morrisville carries liners that you can put on top of your diapers to protect them- they look like dryer sheets.



answers from Raleigh on

we exclusively cloth diaper and use weleda diaper care cream and don't have any problems with absorbancy. you only need to use it sparingly and it works amazingly fast at clearing up their little rashes! you can get it at target or whole foods.

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