Diaper Rash vs Yeast Infection

Updated on May 24, 2007
M.C. asks from Plano, TX
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How can you tell the difference? My daughter hasn't ever suffered with either, but she suddenly has a rash that won't go away -- no matter how I treat it. Advice?

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So What Happened?

Thank you for all the advice. I decided that it was a diaper rash caused by teething. She has been the most irritable baby I've even known. The bath with baking soda REALLY helped, and it is clearing up. Of course, it flares up again, too. THANK YOU MAMAS!

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Both mine kids who are 3 and age 2
could not use over the counter medicine.

The Dr prescribed a special Diaper rash cream,
and its called Happy Hinny.

Its the best, once you use it, usually
within a day its almost cleared up.

Girls have more of a problem,
especially if they are having diarrea.
I couldn't watch there suffer.

So definately call the Dr and both
Dr here where we live and were we use to live
didn't hesiate to give them something stronger.
Its a thicker cream and is does last a long time,
and it works so great.

The name says it all...Happy Hinny

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If it's a diaper rash that's hard to treat, try using the Triple Paste medicated ointment they sell at the Super Walmart and Walgreens. (Cheaper at Walmart though)

It works SO great and was the only stuff that ever made my sons rash go away w/out irritating his sensitive skin even more.
If it's yeast, the Nystatin from your pedi works pretty good and soaking in bath water of baking soda is also good.

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What the other mom's said is true. If you think it is a yeast infection and over the counter meds don't work. Get her in to see a doctor. My son had a yeast infection so bad it got in his blood and he almost died. It was all due to too much penicillin.



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I agree with Amber, you can also try cornstarch on their bottom after applying the Lotrimin, this will help keep eveything dry down their for the Lotrimin to do its thing, and nothing works better than cornstarch.



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Yeast infections will cause her to burn when she urinates (so she may cry when she pees), it can get bumpy and blistery.

If it doesn't seem to bother her, it may be an allergy or reaction to something she's eaten or drank (my daughter would get a red bottom after drinking grape juice, my son would get it after bananas). Maybe see if benadryl helps it.

If not, it could be yeast and you can get Lotrimin AF (over the counter at any walmart or drug store). I think you just need to apply it 2 - 4 times a day (read the instructions and ask your pedi). It worked better than the nystatin when my daughter had yeast diaper rashes.



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Have you taken her to the pediatrician? They can usually tell the difference.

My daughter had a yeast rash. They had me put a barrier cream like Vit. A&D cream and diaper rash medicine. And then the trick is to keep her dry as much as possible.

Hope this helps!

And M.--where does your husband minister? We are ministers as well! We're not currently on staff anywhere but thats our heart and we'll return there as soon as this season is over.

A. S.



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Like Maggie said, a yeast infection tends to start out looking more like pimples on the bottom. It can progress from there. If you suspect yeast Lotrimin AF or Gyne-Lotrimin applied 3 times daily will help. Other times I really like either Dr Smith's diaper cream or Budreuax's Butt patse. Baths in baking soda are very soothing. It sounds weird, but blow drying her bottom will help too.

My daughter used to get a horrid diaper rash every time she ate watermelon, which was sad b/c she loved watermelon :-)

Good Luck



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Hi M.

Unfortunately my 2 year old daughter has had plenty of both. The rule that I go by is that if its just red then its usually a rash, if the bumps look like pimples or get heads to them, its a yeast infection.

For the rash we use Aquaphor at every changing and for the yeast infection we use OTC vagisil in the morning and at night. Both usually clear up in about 2-3 days.

Hope this helps



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A yeast infection in a little child is more like a red, bumpy, almost pimply looking rash. It does not cause discharge like in adults, so dont let that fool you! A general rash is red all over, usually with no bumps. But, if normal diaper creams arent working, try some Lotrimin AF for a few days and see if it will help. You will need to keep it up for at least a week, at every diaper change, even if it appears to have gone away, as yeast can be very persistant!! Good luck ~A.~

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