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2Nd Pregnancy

I am 14 weeks pregnant, with my second child, and have noticed that my upper stomach is "pouching" more quickly than my first pregnancy. ...

Might Have an Ectopic Pregnancy.

Might Have an Ectopic Pregnancy. Hi,on saturday I went to my doctor's I had an vaginal ultrasound and didnt find a baby. Im guessing im around 4-6 weeks ...

Early Pregnancy Symptoms?

Oct 21, 2009 ... I had no idea it was pregnancy then, but thats what it was. At 4 weeks, I felt nauseous, and certain smells started to really bug me. ...

Spotting During Pregnancy

Spotting During Pregnancy. I am pregnant with my 2nd child due in Aug 2008, i am 9 weeks 2 days and for the last couple of days i have noticed when i go to ...

Severe Itching in Pregnancy

I was worried about it though and had developed a great relationship with my chiropractor throughout my pregnancy (I was going in like 2 times each week), ...

Advice on Changing My Ob Gyn Mid Pregnancy

I am wondering if anyone has experience or thoughts on changing a OB gyn mid pregnancy. I am twenty weeks pregnant with my first child and as you can ...

Percocet During Pregnancy

During my first pregnancy, I had major surgery that removed a cyst and ovary during my 20th week. The doctor gave me vicodin for the pain. ...

Anyone Else Ever Had Pregnancy Induced Insomnia?

This is my second pregnancy and I do not remember it being this bad first time around. I typically..." ... pregnancy by week · pregnancy week by week ...

Is It an Etopic Pregnancy?

Is It an Etopic Pregnancy? I found out last week that I am 4 weeks pregnant. Last night I had some bad cramping. It was on the left side of my abdomen. ...

7 Weeks Pregnant with Shortness of Breath, Prescribed Qvar-anyone Else?

Read all 19 responses: "Since about 4 weeks along, I have had such a hard time breathing ... I was also a little short of breath during my pregnancy and was ...
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