poops in her panties

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Advice on a Child Who Takes Her Diaper Off

Only you know if she is ready to start potty training or not You will probably not start her out with panties while she is sleeping anyway and it sounds ...

Toddler Having "Accidents"

It was hard to se her so sad, but she has never pooped her pants again! ... Start up a chart & every time she poops in the potty or keeps her pants clean, ...

Mom Seeking Advice on Potty Taining 3Yr Son

Sep 25, 2009 ... The only problem is he will not go poop on the potty for anything. ... and put her on Miralax My daughter has only pooped her panties once ...

Regressed Potty Training Dilemma

My daughter is fully capable and responsible for her mistakes I dont help ... pooping her pants Then last month she started complaining about her back and ...

Near 3 Yr Old Daughter Trouble Potty Training

What are you doing when she pees and poops in her pants? This is a year now.... oh my...are you accepting it as an accident or are you acknowledging it is on ...

Need Help with Almost 3 Yr with Potty Training, Will Tee Tee but Will Not Poop

I tell her we go pee pee and poop on the potty like big kids and our bottoms wont get ouchie. .... the strokes is this it · pooping in her panties ...

Help Getting My 3 Old Daughter to "Poop" in the Potty...

Oct 22, 2009 ... My 3 year old has been wearingbig girl panties for almost a year She ..... to always go during her naptime with poop in your pants no party ...

4-Yr Old Scared to Poop in Potty

Then I had her remove her panties or pull-up and told her to stay in the bathroom to read and do her poop. I knew it was about time for it. ...

Potty Training

If she is also pooping in her pants you need to get her scheduled for her poop of the day I used childrens suppositories because it was very effective Pop ...

Potty Training Help!

Stay outside in the heat and have her wear little girl panties not pull ups .... in them She had a couple of accidents She only pooped in her undies once ...
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