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Updated on December 18, 2007
J.C. asks from Riverton, WY
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I need advice on training a 3 yr old girl who is reluctant to use the potty.

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answers from Salt Lake City on


I had trouble with my young one as well, so when my next one came along i decided to try something different. She was 2 years old by the way. I made a chart like a gameboard that you could hang on the fridge. I made a little person to move along the squares. There were about 5 stops along the way that were called re-fueling stations. Her favorite treat was m&m's so that was her reward when she reached the refuling station. She loved dolls so i told her that when she reached the top we would go shopping for a doll. Each time she went potty she got to move her game piece a square. if she had an accident i never moved her back. when she reached the refuling station which was about 4 squares she got her favorite treat. It took her 4 days to reach the top and she was completely potty trained! It sounds like a lot to do but it worked and there were no headaches, we both enjoyed the game.


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answers from Boise on

J., you don't say if she will urinate but not poop or she will poop but not pee on the potty. Or a mixture of both.

She is old enough to bribe and bribery is a wonderful thing. I know lots of people say we shouldn't bribe kids ever.

How many of us would hold down a job if we weren't be bribed by a paycheck. nuf said!!

Buy 7 small presents and wrap them in Christmas paper. Starting on Tuesday, you tell her that if she goes potty at least # of times and doesn't have more that # accidents, she can pick a present after dinner.

Then talk about how proud Santa will be when he knows that she is potty trained before Christmas.

To start the first day maybe she goes potty 2 times and doesn't have more than 5 accidents. That should ensure that she will get the first present.

Then the next day, tell her how proud you are of her and since she did so good yesterday, today she needs to go potty 3 time and not have more that 3 accidents.

All day you talk potty, reminding her about going before it is too late and she has an accident and how proud Santa will be when she goes potty all the time and has no accidents.

The third day make it go potty at least 5 time and has only 2 accidents. Then potties 6 times and 1 accident.

By this time she should be going potty all the time and no accidents. But everyday after dinner she gets to pick the present thru Christmas Eve.

The gifts are things you buy at the $1.00 store like Dollar Tree. Just little girlie things that she can play with until bed time.

Also, DO NOT USE PULLUPS. IF YOU HAVEN'T BOUGHT PANTIES YET, BUY 5 OR 6 PAIR BEFORE YOU START. Just rince them out in the sink and let them dry so you never run out. This is really important. When that pee runs down her legs, it makes a real impact. And this means when you go out to the store or to visit someone. Take extra's with you but you can't put her in pullups or diapers except for nap and night time. How else is she going to know that peeing her pants is not ok?

If she is also pooping in her pants, you need to get her scheduled for her poop of the day. I used childrens suppositories because it was very effective. Pop it in and in 3 minutes you have poop. It is best if you can do that before you get her dressed in the morning. Don't count the accidental poops against her presents. If that becomes a problem, deal with that in February.

Don't use those ugly training pants either. Get silky pretty little girl panties - not cotton. They should have a cotton crouch tho.

If you want to talk about it, send me an email at [email protected]____.com with your phone number and i will call you. I used to babysit and if I trained 1 child I trained 30. It was hard for me to convenince the parents to give up the diapers or thick training pants, but when the child trained in less than a week, they were believers.

Good luck to you. Remember, Santa is going to be so proud of her and he will leave her a note and some little thing that shows how proud he is. Maybe a Blue Ribbon or Certificate. Marciab

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answers from Milwaukee on

When my daughter was three she was also reluctant to potty train. I realized that she didn't like to stop playing to take the time to run to the bathroom...especially since she went (and still goes) frequently. It was summer, but I started taking a portable potty everywhere with us, even outside. She seemed to like the fact that she didn't have to really go anywhere to go, just carried her potty around. It didnt take long and she stopped bringing it along and just used the bathroom.



answers from Salt Lake City on

Dr Phil's "potty train your child in one day" worked for us and my reluctant 3-year old son. You can find the info on his website. drphil.com under "advice"



answers from Great Falls on

one VERY UNPLEASANT experience taught my daughter immediately:
I cannot suggest it, as it is for you to decide, but 3 years old is definitely ready to understand and do it right. She might feel it comfy not to bother to run to the toilet, but it's really time to 'grow up' that far :).
So, what I did: no diapers, regular underwear and stockings on.
Once they got wet :(, I helped her to change, but I tied the wet stockings to her tummy on the top of her dress. Well, they kind of stink. She did not like it at all. She quietly suffered through about half an hour, then I took the wet stockings off.
Ever since, not one single time of a problem occured. She knew where the pot is, and she 'helped herself'

Good luck to you!



answers from Grand Rapids on

What ever you don't force it.
Try putting her in big girl painties, when you "run out of" diapers.(keep a few-but hide them)
Just tell her that you don't have any and she needs to wear the panties.
Hopefully it will work. But she may just not be ready.



answers from Grand Rapids on

I am a big proponet of letting the kid decide. I have two boys. The oldest was 4 before he finally decided to use the potty and stop wearing pull-ups. With the youngest, the daycare suggested that we just focus on it and get him trained - but it did not work. Ever since we did that, he has been biting his finger nails! I feel so bad that I stressed him out over this. He is in Kindergarten now and has been potty trained for almost 2 years, except for nights. He is a heavy sleeper and still wears Good Nights. I refuse to make a big deal about it. The pediatrician said that he has never seen a kid wet at night past 12 years old - so I am just going to wait and see.

The doc said that there are meds they can give him to reduce the amount of urine he produces and I could limit fluids after 6pm, but I think being hydrated is pretty important and the kidneys have a job to do, so I don't want to reduce the urine.

I think the bigger deal you make, the harder it will be.



answers from Salt Lake City on

I know each child is different so I think it's a matter of finding what will work for your daughter. With my oldest, I knew she understood everything about the potty, could tell when she needed to go, wasn't afraid, just stubborn. One day when she had pooped I handed her the wipes and stood her in the tub and told her to take care of it herself. She panicked for a minute or two (and I let her). Then I told her I was done changing diapers and so she could either change her own or go on the potty. She chose the potty! My 2nd daughter was motivated so I didn't have to do much. She wanted to be like big sis. I just waited until she was ready - didn't push her. We also love the video "Potty Power". We watch it even when we're not trying to potty train. It's just positive reinforcement. Good Luck! Hope you find something that works for you!



answers from St. Cloud on

Do you have a doll that wets? I have used that to show my children how to go in the toilet. It seemed to help make the connection in their brain. I have even set aside a whole day with the wetting doll and a ton of juice. Show the doll going, then spend the day with the child making them drink and waiting for them to "go". Make it fun and give rewards.

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