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Toy Question

My 2yr old girl and 3 yr old boy are getting a big play kitchen as a shared gift ...... I know a lot of little boys with play kitchens. It's not a bad idea. ...

Gift Ideas for 2 Year Old Girl

Play kitchen is a good idea as mentioned before, too. She wore hers out and we had to get rid of it. She also likes cars and balls, too, so don't rule out ...

2 Year Old Education?

There are lots of play-based learning games that a preschool program can give your son. He should be playing with blocks, play kitchens etc. ...

Toy Ideas for 3 Year Old

Pretend play is usually really big at that age. Have you thought of a play kitchen or other toys like that? I know some people do not want boys playing with ...

What to Get a 2 Yr Old for His Bday Who Has Almost Everything?

I run a home daycare so we have lots of toys and not much room for big toys like play kitchens etc. I don't wanna just say he has enough and skip gifts ...

Christmas Gift Idea for 2 Year Old Boy

Dinosaurs, farm animals, little people play sets. I know when I did daycare, the kids that age loved the play kitchen (if you don't like boys and kitchens, ...

Ideas for Chores for a 16 Month Old?

Play with her, let her play imitate life. That's why they have play kitchens and dishes, little brooms and vaccuums, etc. When she's older, then make the ...


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